News - 6th October 2023

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Thank you for your kind words and messages about our Heritage Week. The children and staff had a fabulous week and are so grateful to the many wonderful volunteers who made it all possible. John Worth has created a beautiful short video with the highlights of the week, which we will put on the website and share with parents as they attend their children’s class assemblies. It is a fabulous memory for us all to cherish.

In school, children have been celebrating and learning about Harvest. Our Key Stage One pupils led a beautiful service in the church last week with confident performances and beautiful singing. The school collected a vast amount of items for the Godalming Foodbank; thank you all for your generosity.

Last week, Year 2 took part in a Great Fire of London workshop, when children had the opportunity to dress up and re-enact the story of the Great Fire and the life of Samuel Pepys.

This week, Year 4 went on a school trip to Ufton Court, where they took part in Viking workshops, voyaging around the world in a Viking longboat and learning how to ‘fight’ like a Viking with shields and axes. They learnt about carding, fire lighting and built a wattle fence. A great day was had by all.

Meanwhile, back in school, Year 6 took part in a World War 1 workshop. An ex-soldier came into school to put pupils through their drills and tell the pupils about life in the trenches for the soldiers. (No, he wasn’t there!)

Thank you to the teachers for organising these trips and workshops, to enhance the history topics taught this term.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Year 6H presented their assembly to the school and parents to show what they have learnt so far about their history topic; they learnt many lines, acted well and sang beautifully and poignantly. Well done Year 6H and Miss Hampshire.

Next week, we shall welcome our new prospective parents on Tuesday and Thursday morning. If you know anyone looking for school places in September 2024, please tell them to contact the school office.

Have a great weekend.

With very best wishes

Mrs Buckley




We have a number of unnamed jumpers in lost property. Please come and have a look.
A polite reminder to label all clothes, water bottles and lunch boxes as this will reduce the risk of losing these items.


Please find attached instructions on how to login to School Cloud. Bookings will open at 7am on Friday 6th October. You will need to login using parent first name and surname and then student date of birth.

These will be face to face at the school.


Please note that Week Commencing 9th October there are some changes to after school clubs due to parents evening.

Reading Club- Cancelled
Computer Club- Cancelled
Art Club – Cancelled
Drama- This will take place in the outdoor classroom (weather dependent). Collection from playground.
An additional session will be added for those clubs that have been cancelled.

All other clubs will be running as usual.


If you have any costumes that have been used in previous class assemblies that you no longer want, any donations to the school would be greatly appreciated.

These can then be used by other children for the following year’s class assembly.


Calling all Plumbers! If anyone is a plumber or knows of a plumber who they would recommend, please get in touch:


Your child will be given a proof card of their Christmas card design today. The deadline to order your Christmas Cards is Tuesday 17th October.


Individual School Photos are taking place on Tuesday 17th October.

If your child has PE on this day please ensure that they come in School Uniform and bring in their PE kits to change into.

The Cycle Training Team at Surrey County Council are recruiting for Bikeability Cycling Instructors.
If you would like to find out more please click on the link below:

Following Government guidelines, schools are no longer allowed to authorise requests for children to be taken out of school for a holiday during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you take your child out of school, you may face a penalty notice.


Year 1 – 94.2%
Year 2 – 95%
Year 3 – 94.3%
Year 4 – 97%
Year 5 – 97.1%
Year 6H – 92.3%
Year 6N – 87.6%



Wisdom is a core Christian value in our school because we believe through wisdom good choices are made, that it encourages us to learn from our mistakes and encourages us to live our lives wisely for the benefit of all. "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’’ John 8:32


Hope is a core Christian value in our school because hope gives us energy and supports us through difficult times. "Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time.’’ Romans 12:12 To act with hope is to aspire to greater things, to promote positivity and courageous advocacy.


Respect is a core Christian value in our school because we believe that all life is precious within the image of God and deserves to be valued. "Do to others as you would have them do unto you." Luke 6:31 Our Christian value of respect means living up to the image of God with our school, our community and ourselves.


Community is a core Christian value in our school because we know that together we are stronger and can achieve more. "Live together in peace with each other. Don’t be proud, but be willing to be friends with people who are not important to others. Don’t think of yourself as smarter than everyone else.’’ Romans 12:16
Everyone in our school, local and global community are needed and valued.