Haslemere Confederation Team

A school confederation is a group of schools who work together to raise standards, promote inclusion, find new ways of approaching teaching and learning and build capacity between each other in a coherent manner.

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Haslemere TEAM is the official name of the Haslemere Confederation of schools, comprising:

Beacon Hill Community Primary School, Hindhead www.haslemere.com/schools/beaconhill/
Grayswood Infant School www.haslemere.com/schools/grayswood/
Shottermill Infant School, Haslemere www.haslemere.com/schools/shottermillinfant/
Shottermill Junior School, Haslemere www.haslemere.com/schools/shottermilljunior/
St Bartholomew’s Primary School, Haslemere www.stbartholomews.surrey.sch.uk/
St John’s Infant School, Churt www.stjohnsinfantschurt.ik.org/home.ikml
Woolmer Hill School www.woolmerhill.surrey.sch.uk/


The Confederation was born out of regular meetings and exchange of ideas between the Headteachers of schools based in Haslemere and the surrounding area. The Confederation now receives funding to arrange joint events such as KS2 Sports Day, joint INSET days, joint FMSIS training and to support projects such as Transition and Primary Strategy Learning Networks.

Any queries about the work of Haslemere TEAM should be addressed to the Confederation Chair Mrs Kate Barne at head@shottermill@surrey.sch.uk

Together Everyone Achieves More

Haslemere Confederation Vision Statement

'A collaborative family of schools providing highly effective outcomes for all learners'

Our vision is that every learner in our family of schools is successful in all that they do because they are well supported and challenged by their peers and the adults who work with them.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Challenge

Our strategic priorities

  1. Develop a consistent approach to quality first teaching.
  2. Develop a consistent approach to assessment of learning.
  3. Develop leadership capacity across our learning community.