New Starters

Most children join St Mary’s in Reception Class when they are 4 or 5 years old.

However others join us part way through their primary education for a variety of reasons.

Whenever your child is joining our school we are committed to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for them. The following sections are aimed to help assist you and them in the process.


All new starters are welcome to spend an induction day in school before they start. This includes having a school meal with their peers with our compliments. This gives the child(ren) an opportunity to meet with their new class, teacher and members of the school community.


You will be given a welcome pack which will contain some forms for completion and other information for starting school. If joining mid-year you will also be given copies (or directed on the website) of the current year’s Newsletters and class letters about forthcoming visits or activities so that you are fully informed about what’s happening in the school and feel part of the school community as soon as possible.

The following pages are primarily aimed at children starting at St Mary's in Reception Class, but parents of older children may also find the information useful in aiding their school choice.