Global Neighbours

   “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

This year our school will begin participating in the Global Neighbours initiative run by Christian Aid.  We will continue our link with Starfish Malawi, supporting our sister school in Kapira.  As well as the recognition attached to gaining accreditation status, the scheme will also help schools fulfil the Church of England’s vision of education that is deeply Christian and serving the common good. It will also help children claim their voice as global citizens.

The children will benefit by knowing that, as a church school, we do these things because Jesus asked us to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. They will understand that it is our responsibility as global citizens, to look after the world and all the people in our world no matter of their colour or religion.

The accreditation scheme celebrates schools that are helping pupils learn about global poverty and the Christian responsibility to tackle it, as well as giving them the tools to play a confident part in creating a fairer world.

"In partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and the Christian response to it in primary school pupils across England."

(, 2019)

It is our aim that our children at St Marys will develop as courageous advocates and realise that they can be agents for change right here and now. We hope to inspire our children to be stewards of the world they live in and to inspire courageous advocacy and instil our Christian Values within the whole St Mary’s community.