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Janis Radcliffe, Headteacher

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April 2019

  • NEWS - 4th APRIL 2019

    Published 04/04/19

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We have such an action packed, fun-filled newsletter for you this week; perhaps the less said by me the better! Hopefully, this will give you time to read and savour the accounts of this term’s exciting activities!

    As you will see, it has been an eventful term. The one thing missing from the reports below is reference to the Ofsted visit; not the sort of thing you expect to see colourfully illustrated, but we are still celebrating the written Ofsted report that confirms St Mary’s is a ‘good’ school which supports the outstanding welfare and personal development of its pupils. The report says that pupils leave St Mary’s as confident, articulate people who are ready to play their part in the wider community. This last point is well illustrated when we consider the work of our children including Pupil Leadership Team and School Council representatives, all of whom are truly innovative in their fundraising ideas and extremely mature in their desire to help others less fortunate than themselves. Thank you children; you are an inspiration and great ambassadors for our Christian School!

    I should like to add my thanks to parents and governors for your continuing support and to my esteemed colleagues, both in school and at the Good Shepherd trust, for their invaluable contribution, commitment and continuing good humour. It is a pleasure to play a small part in this incredible team.

    All that remains is for me to wish you a wonderful Easter and a safe and happy holiday.

    I look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday 24th April.

    Best wishes

    Janis Radcliffe

    Head Teacher

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April 2019