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NEWS - 12th September 2019

Next week’s value is Community

“Let all that you do be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

Dear parents/carers

Looking back to the end of last term, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all colleagues, to thank you for your generous end-of-term gifts and kind words of encouragement; always very much appreciated!

As we approach the end of the first full week back in school, after the long summer holiday I am reflecting on how lovely it has been, this week, to see the majority of children and all of the teachers getting stuck back into the curriculum and enjoying their work. Our ‘New Beginnings’ Service at St Mary’s Church this morning was a delightful occasion and we are very grateful to Reverend Rachel and her fine support team for helping us and for making us feel so welcome.

It is still early in the term and there has been the inevitable small number of ‘teething problems’, requiring some simple early reminders, to help children understand what is expected of them back in school, now that the freedom of the beach and their friends’ gardens is but a distant summer memory.  We ask that children:

  • Walk inside the school buildings and corridors and when approaching the dining hall at lunchtimes
  • Treat each other and their teachers with respect and kindness at all times 
  • Exercise silence and good listening skills when lining up at the end of playtime, during a fire drill, during reflective assemblies and at other occasional times, when required to do so by teachers
  • Arrive on time and leave school promptly at the end of each day, refraining from using the unsupervised outdoor climbing equipment, which is required for use by Koosa After School Care staff.  

We rely on the support of parents and I urge you to reinforce our school values, and, in particular, to remind children of the above points. I assure you that we do have children’s welfare and happiness at the heart of everything we do and we firmly believe that it is in children’s best interest that they are able to be cooperative, well mannered, to listen well, follow instruction and understand the needs of others. We thank you for your cooperation in establishing good learning habits from the start.

I hope those of you that attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ events earlier this week, found them useful. Please do ask if you have any further questions or concerns. We are here to help and don’t mind addressing short questions, preferably at the end, rather than the beginning of the school day. For longer or more complex issues, you can make an appointment through Mrs Bishop in the school office. Please do make every effort to read the weekly bulletin, which is also a useful source of information.   

Classroom Resources

In common with many other schools, we have to be extremely mindful of our spending; the funding we receive from central government does not match our annual outgoings.

We are very grateful for the support of the PTA, who raise funds for some of the important extras but it is also helpful if individual parents can support us generally, by providing some of the basic resources for their own children.

Please would you be kind enough to ensure your child has a pencil case containing the basics: pens, pencils, glue sticks, etc.

We are also looking for ways to supplement our resources and teachers have been asked to prepare a list of the resources they most need in their classrooms. These will include things like card, glue, whiteboard pens etc.  We are always grateful for donations and, if you are able to provide any of the requested resources, this would be most appreciated.  

Please look out on classroom doors for the list of requirements for your child’s class.  Thank you in anticipation.

I will be out of school at a Local Confederation Team planning meeting all day tomorrow, leaving the school in the very capable hands of Mrs Buckley (Deputy Head) and Miss Howells (Senior Leader).

I look forward to seeing you all back in school next week.  Have a great weekend.

Janis Radcliffe



19th Sept @ 6.15-7.15pm

Reading, writing & phonics event – Reception + KS1 parents and carers

20th Sept @ 9.00

Assembly  - parents welcome

23rd Sept

All Reception children start full time

23rd Sept

“All About Me” week

23rd Sept

Clubs Week 1

25th Sept

Reception Class Photos for Haslemere Herald

26th Sept @ 9.00am

Y6 Class Assembly – Y6 parents welcome

26th Sept

Y3 Butser Ancient Farm Trip

27th Sept @ 9.00am

Assembly – parents welcome

27th Sept

Y4 Roman Dig Trip

27th Sept

Maths Booster Club Starts – Y6

30th Sept

Clubs Week 2

3rd Oct @ 10.00am

Harvest Service at St Mary’s Church


A very big thank you from all staff for all the wonderful gifts and cards at the end of the summer term, they were much appreciated.


Years R, 1 & 2                     FREE

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6                 £164.50


If you wish to pay for the first half of the term only the amount is:-

Years 3, 4, 5                        £82.25

Year 6                                 £84.60

If you wish to pay a week at a time the cost is £11.75 (£2.35 per day)

All meals must be paid in advance and meal choices made.  If meal choices are NOT made, children will need to be provided with a packed lunch.


Please remember to pay for all trips etc on Scopay, we will not accept cheques or cash going forward.  If you haven’t yet set up an account with Tucasi please ask the school office for an access code. 


If your child requires an inhaler, epi-pen or other medication to be kept in school please ensure that we have an up to date prescription in the school office.


If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please inform the school by 9.00am.  If a child has suffered sickness or diarrhoea, they need to be out of school for 48hours after the last bout.


If you have arranged a long-term collection for your child, please ensure that we have an up to date form in the school office and if you now allow your child to walk home please inform the office.

For Y5 and Y6 if they are allowed to walk home on their own please also fill in a long-term collection form informing us of this.

Also please be reminded that there is NO access through the staff car park at pick up time.  Please do not use this gate to exit the school grounds as cars are leaving site.


If any of your details have changed, please inform the school immediately to ensure we have the correct information.


Mrs Wright would like to thank all parents for the lovely cards, gifts and vouchers received in the summer; it was very thoughtful.

Earrings in PE - please can children not wear earrings to school on their PE days - you should now be aware of which days these are from your 'Meet the Teacher' session. Earrings cannot be worn whilst playing sport due to health and safety. 

Inspire – Aspire – Higher

To simplify school competition, and to help schools select pupils, Active Surrey have designed a clear pathway to help clarify the level of competitions. These levels may also assist with:

· Talent ID through to County Final competitions

· Club exit routes for those interested in developing their skills

 · Those who are not competitive and/or are interested in participation only

Active Surrey has identified the following levels:

INSPIRE (For example Woolmer Hill events)

An event targeted at the least-active/engaged with emphasis on participation/trying new activities/skills or low level competition. Certificates and values celebrated. Not suitable for A team players who have represented the school in football, netball or district sports. *schools may be able to bring any number of children as we will look to combine teams as/when required for some events.

ASPIRE (for example Confederation Sports days)

Competitions targeting the semi-sporty, B teams, often A teams from single-entry schools. These events also include festivals that aren't specifically targeted to the less-engaged.

HIGHER (for example District Sports)

Competitions for the most-engaged/active and/or higher ability. Often are pathway events to county finals. These events will suit children who compete at the highest level available.


St Marys Sports Fixtures Selection Policy

All pupils receive approximately 2 hours per week of quality PE provision as part of the curriculum. In addition to this, ALL pupils have the opportunity to experience competitive and non-competitive sport internally in three ways:

  1. Playing many matches within lessons. Participating in school sport events, for example Sports day
  2. Attending multisport events at Woolmer Hill School which are organised within our confederation of schools. Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to experience different sports, gain new skills and enjoy a friendly level of competition.
  3. Attending after school clubs and taking part in matches within their group, and, when the opportunity arises, participating in a friendly HOME match with a local school.

SOME pupils will have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport. The school perceives inter-school competitive sports as a means of extending pupils that demonstrate the requisite skills and qualities, or who are deemed gifted, in this curriculum area.

Selection Criterion for sports teams

This criterion varies from fixture to fixture and is hugely dependent on the level of competition, as well as the number of children that we are allowed to take to events. Many of the competitions that we enter are of a high standard, with opposition being extremely competent in terms of skill level, knowledge of rules, tactical knowledge, strength and speed. It is important that, as a school, we recognise the purpose and level of competition involved and ensure that our selection is made to reflect this.

Selection criterion for team events is based on:

• Level of skill demonstrated

• Level of fitness

• Understanding of games, tactics and rules

• Enthusiasm to learn and improve

• Emotional maturity to cope with the pressure

• Commitment to training and learning

• Performance, effort and behaviour in lessons and practices

• Attitude of player on and off the field of play

• How the player presents themselves, dress, manners, helpfulness, sportsmanship, etc.

• Performance of the play as a team member

• Understanding of the importance of safety

For all individual competition selection, for example: District Sports and KS1 and KS2 Confederation Sports, the pupils are selected from either PE and games lessons or by attending after school clubs.  The pupils with the best results/times represent the school (unless it is a non-competitive event).

In an ideal world, we would love to give every child the opportunity to represent the school in every competition that we enter. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (usually squad size restrictions, transport and staff availability) this is not possible. The decision to which children to select is never an easy one and many conversations take place to ensure that choices are fair and just and that the school is appropriately represented. Most importantly, we endeavour to give children a positive view of Sport, to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for all.

St Mary’s Church Events and Groups  
We’d love to see you at any of our Church services or events. All are welcome!

#Fridaynightthing – Our regular youth group hopes to start back 5.30-7pm on Friday evenings in term-time! However, this is volunteer dependant. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Church Mice – Starting back 12th September we meet Thursday mornings in Term, 9:30-11:30am in the Church Room. Come and join in as we play and explore, get creative, sing and hear a story. Tea and coffee always available and a snack time for all! All are welcome, donations welcome. 

Good News Gang – aged 10-14? Want to explore faith? Come along for our beginning of term, September the 15th 5-6.30! Then on 1st and 3rd Sunday’s for games, activities and fun all whilst exploring the big questions of life! Email Hannah for more information.

Exploring the Feast: Your invitation to Communion:

In the autumn we’re running a course for any children wishing to explore what Holy Communion is, why it’s important and how we share in it together. We’ll be meeting in the Church Room, 2.30-3.30pm for 4 weeks from the 22nd September. If you are interested in your young one coming along, please get in touch.

All Stars Sunday Groups

All Stars and Superstars are our Sunday service groups for all ages; Mini Stars 3-5, Shooting Stars 6-9, Super Stars 10-14. We enjoy games, activities, stories and worship together as we explore faith. All are welcome to all our services and families are always welcome to enjoy the Worship in the main body of the Church as well as the groups.

If I can be of any help please get in touch,

Hannah Pye
Youth, Children and Families Minister, St Mary’s Church.


King Edward’s in Witley (Independent Senior School) have asked us to advertise their Open Morning on 19th September.


Please note the updated summer term dates below:-


Autumn          Wednesday 4 September 2019          INSET DAY

                        Thursday 5 September 2019               Term Starts


                        Friday 25th October 2019                    INSET DAY


Monday 28 October 2019                   )

                        to                                                         ) Half Term

                        Friday 1 November 2019                    )

                        Friday 20 December 2019                   Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm


Spring             Monday 6 January 2020                     INSET DAY

Tuesday 7 January 2020                     Term Starts    

                        Monday 17 February 2020                 )

                        to                                                         ) Half Term

                        Friday 21 February 2020                     )

                        Friday 3 April 2020                              Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm


Summer          Monday 20 April 2020                                    INSET DAY

Tuesday 21 April 2020                        Term Starts

                        Friday 8 May 2020                              May Day Holiday

                        Friday 22 May 2020                            INSET Day                   

Monday 25 May 2020                          )

                        to                                                         ) Half Term

                        Friday 29 May 2020                            )

                        Wednesday 22 July 2020                    Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm

Parents/Carers Right to Reply slip


Is your Right to Reply comment for the School or PTA?

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Please use the space below or overleaf, or email to notify us of anything you wish to discuss:












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