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NEWS - 7th JUNE 2019

Next week’s value is Serving

“Whoever serves you like a servant is the greatest among you”.  Matthew 23:11

Dear parents/carers

I trust you all had a good half term break! It’s barely credible to think we are now on the home run to the end of year, with only 7 weeks to go until the summer holidays! May I take this opportunity to slip in a sneaky reminder that the school holidays are quite substantial and we do expect that families will refrain from taking children out of school during term time.  Aside from missing important aspects of the curriculum, it is such a pity for children to miss out on all the fun activities, including talent shows, drama and musical performances, poetry presentations, parties and dress up days.

Mrs Buckley mentioned how much we appreciated Chiddfest last week but I should like to add my own word of thanks to Mrs White and to our devoted and hard-working PTA members for their incredibly hard work throughout the year. Mrs Quickfall and Mrs Cook have been highly effective as joint PTA Chairs but have been in post for longer than anticipated and have done their bit, so they really do want to hand over the baton now!

The PTA are running a meeting to say thank you and farewell to them in the Crown pub on Tuesday 11th June at 8pm. The meeting agenda will also include a summary of the year’s fundraising and, as I understand, there will be an opportunity for parents to offer their services as the new Chair or to volunteer to shadow the outgoing Treasurer for a preparatory period, with a view to taking on the role in future. Each role will have a maximum tenure of 2 years and the Committee values new expertise and fresh ideas. The invitation is open to all parents so do go along on the 11th June to find out more and volunteer your services. 

We had a lovely Holy Communion Service on Thursday. All children contributed in some way; some made bread and ‘wine’ while others created prayers and made displays to depict their understanding of Jesus’ miracles. Children sang beautifully and behaved respectfully throughout, showing us that, for all their youth, they too, value the opportunity for thoughtful reflection and engagement in collective worship.

Finally, I thought you might be interested in a research study carried out by two Japanese psychologists, who have been investigating why children choose particular foods. The pair have discovered that children choose foods (and toys) that seem to be in short supply. Michel Mairmaran and Yuval Salant think this might help parents to get their children to eat their greens!  For more detail about the study, see below. You can also see the full article by visiting the following website:

Have a lovely weekend eating all your veggies!

Janis Radcliffe

Head teacher



7th Jun @ 9.00am

School Assembly - parents/carers welcome

9th Jun

Village Fete

10th Jun

Clubs Week 6

10th Jun

Reception Class Height and Weight (March – August born only)

10th Jun

Y5 & Y6 Chidham

12th Jun

KS1 Confederation Sports Day

13th Jun @9.00am

Y3 Class Assembly - parents/carers welcome

14th Jun @9.00am

School Assembly - parents/carers welcome

17th Jun

Clubs Week 7

17th Jun @6.30pm

New Reception Parents Meeting

18th Jun

Sports Day

19th Jun

Y4 Sayers Croft

20th Jun

Y6 Class Assembly - parents/carers welcome

20th Jun

Y5 Challenge Day, The Royal School

21st Jun @9.00am

School Assembly - parents/carers welcome

24th Jun

Clubs Week 8

24th Jun

Y3 Seacity

26th Jun

Y6 Leavers Service @ Guildford Cathedral

27th & 28th Jun

Inset Days

1st Jul

Last week of Clubs


Sports Day

KS2 field events - throwing and jumping begins at 9:15am.  Reception children will participate as usual with the KS1 children in the morning. Their activities start at 10:30 with fun multi sports activities on the field. The children will move around 4 activities with their teacher; run by the students of Godalming college. After this, they will take part in running races on the track.


The whole school picnic will then start at approximately 11:45. Please note that the children are the responsibility of the parents and must not use sports equipment or go in the ditch during this time. Children will be called back into school for registration at 12:50. KS2 track events are held in the afternoon. 



Year 6 are starting an exciting, new, outdoor-learning project for the summer term: The St Mary’s Survival Challenge. As a part of this term-long project, the class will be split into three groups and will be completing different challenges, earning points as they go. I can’t give away too many details as I don’t want to spoil the surprises too much, but I would be very grateful if anyone could donate any of the following resources to help with the challenges:

  • Tarpaulins,
  • Rope or thick string,
  • Strong tent pegs,
  • Wooden poles or straight sticks,
  • Wooden pallets (no nails sticking out please),
  • Old trellis.

If anyone has any pre-existing survival skills or knowledge of bush craft and you’d like to help out with our project, please get in contact via the school office. I’m particularly looking for volunteers with knowledge of lighting and building (small) fires who would be willing to teach the class how it’s done, and people with a knowledge of orienteering who may be able to help with a challenge involving using a compass to find our way back to safety.  Thank you in advance.





Do you struggle to get your child to eat their greens!


A pair of Japanese psychologists (Michal Maimaran and Yuval Salant) have discovered that you can trick your children into eating their vegetables by limiting their availability and appealing to children’s competitive nature.


They experimented after finding that, when they ordered rolls in a Japanese restaurant, their children, who had never previously been big fans of avocado, picked out the slivers of avocado from within the rolls and ate them. The parents then ordered a plate of straight avocado which the children quickly devoured.


Why had their kids developed such a sudden love of avocado?


The researchers thought it had something to do with the scarcity of avocado in the rolls and they hypothesised that siblings will fight over anything that is a limited resource. Could this include healthy foods? Could parents use this competitive tendency to their advantage? 


The psychologists visited a local Nursery School to carry out a series of experiments on four and five year olds. They gave the children both fun toys and healthy snacks and, sometimes they let them play or eat as much as they wanted and other times they placed limits on how much was available. Whether they were dealing with Lego, carrots or grapes, the less of something the children thought there was to go around, the more they wanted of it!


Children, who were told that carrots were limited, ate about 50% more carrots than the other children and more than half of them ate all their carrots (versus 35% in the no limit group).

The children who thought the carrots were limited also thought they were more delicious. When asked to rate whether the carrots tasted yummy or yucky, 96% of the children in that group rated them as yummy compared to only 67% in the no–limit group.


Could this be a handy quirk of child psychology for parents to be aware of -  could you use your child’s fear of missing out to encourage them to eat their greens? By suggesting that all you have available is the relatively small serving of veggies on the plate or by simply offering veggies less often  (still, in healthy amounts) you make it more likely your kids will gobble up their healthy greens!

Worth a try?

St Mary’s School

Sports Day


Tuesday 18 June 2019


Venue:  Football Pitch/Recreation Ground


9.15 am

Key Stage 2 Field Events

10.30 am

Key Stage 1 Events (multisports and track events)

11.45 am

Parents arrive for whole school picnic

1.00 pm

Key Stage 2 Track Events

3:00 pm

Rounders club versus parents match










Support your team:

To add to the excitement, the children will be competing for their houses!  Everyone will need a coloured t-shirt representative of their house colour – RED for Ruby House, BLUE for Sapphire House, YELLOW for Amber House and GREEN for Emerald House.  If you are not sure which house your child is in please check with their teacher. 

Don’t forget:

As well as a coloured t-shirt, shorts and suitable outdoor PE footwear are essential. Please make sure your child has sun protection and a water bottle if the weather is good and perhaps a coat if it is not!

Spectators will be very welcome to sit in the designated areas, but remember to keep a safe distance away from the marked track!  The public playground will be out of bounds for school children during the day. 


For the whole school picnic the children will be taken to meet their parents/friends or will sit with school staff to eat.  Children who normally have a packed lunch should bring it into school in the morning as usual.  Children who normally have a school meal will be provided with their pre-selected packed lunch.  Parents can, of course, bring extra snacks for their children.  Please make sure that you are supervising your children during this time and do not allow them to use the sports equipment ready for the events, go in the ditch or use the public playground.  After eating, all the children will return to the school for registration before the afternoon activities commence.  Please note that the picnic will be cancelled if it rains!


Following the presentation of the trophy to the winning house at the end of the afternoon children will return to their classrooms for normal collection.

Rounders Match

After the success of last year’s ‘children v parents Rounders match’, we are inviting Rounders and Cricket club parents to join us at 3pm.

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