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News - 9th MAY 2019

Next week’s value is Empathy

“Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.”  Romans 12:15

Dear parents/carers

What a funny week that was! No Monday and already, it’s Thursday! How did that happen?

Nevertheless, St Mary’s School has been its usual hive of activity, starting with Tuesday’s Eco-brick workshops when children learned about the importance of recycling and considered ways to dispose of, and even make good use of their waste. This is both timely and fascinating. Did you see an article in this week’s news about the recycling of human waste to make useful products? And a US based company is already converting 100 per cent plastic waste into an alternative building material. 

The problem of plastic waste is massive; according to statistics by the World Economic Forum, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic waste in our oceans than there are fish! So innovations that turn could turn mountains of trash into functional products are crucial to our handling of the problem. We are making a start and hopefully encouraging children to pursue new careers that might involve innovative solutions to tackling waste. For an interesting article on how waste can be used to make products such as ‘newspaper wood’, ‘nappy roofing’, ‘mushroom walls’ and ‘Plasphalt’, may I suggest a visit to the following website:

Our thanks to Mrs Creswell for organising the Ecobricks workshops.

Teachers and children have been practising furiously for their performance at Chiddfest (more about this below, including deadline dates for purchasing online tickets and details of timings and supervision for children who are performing on the day).

You may know that Miss Clark, our maths subject leader, has been regularly engaging in research and learning about the teaching of maths for mastery, through the Surrey Maths Hub. On Friday we are expecting a number of visitors to St Mary’s, including headteachers and mathematicians from other schools, who will observe Miss Clark’s delivery of a mastery maths lesson with her own class. We are very proud of Miss Clark, who, although relatively new to the teaching profession, has developed the confidence and charisma to present to a large audience so that, not only is she serving St Mary’s well but can have a potentially much wider influence, both across the confederation and trust schools. And Miss Clark really did volunteer with no arm twisting required! Well done, Miss Clark; we all think you’re amazing!

Next week is KS2 SATS week so I hope Year 6 children will get plenty of fresh air and rest this weekend. If recent practice tests are anything to go by, I know that they will do their very best and make us all very proud!

Have a great weekend.

Janis Radcliffe





10th May

Final Maths booster

13th May

Clubs Week 3 and Y6 SATS week

15th May

Y1 Football tournament – Farncombe FC selected pupils

16th May

Y4 Swimming Lessons

17th May @9.00am

School Assembly - parents/carers welcome

17th May

Y2 Athletics Festival @ Penn Thorpe School

18th May


20th May

Clubs Week 4 and Y2 SATS week

21st May

Y6 parents – Human Relationships DVD

22nd May

Y6 Pentecost Workshop – Guildford Cathedral

23rd May

Y4 Swimming Lessons

24th May @2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents/carers welcome


Online Chiddfest tickets will be on sale until Sunday 12th May. Tickets can also be bought locally at various outlets as regularly advised, until Thursday 17th.  Otherwise, it is on the door on the day!

The children will be singing from 12.45pm.  Please deliver them to a “pen” at the side of the stage by 12.40pm.    They will need to be collected from the “pen” directly after their performance.  Please be reminded that they are the responsibility of their parents at all times.


Reminder for District Sports Club: There will be no session on Wednesday 15th May as Mrs Wright is at a tournament.


We had an exciting, informative morning on Tuesday learning all about how we can contribute to making our world more sustainable.  A representative from Ecobricks delivered a workshop which helped us all understand how important it is to recycle or 'upcycle' waste material.  Some plastics cannot be recycled, which is where Ecobricks come in.  We were shown how it is possible to stuff plastic bottles with unrecyclable soft plastic in order to create 'building bricks' from which can then make stools, low tables or maybe even something we could play on in the playground.  Following the workshop, every child knows how to make an 'ecobrick' and some might have shared this with you at home.  Please help your child to complete the bottle they started at school (if they brought it home) and then return it so can be turned into something we can use in school.  The next step is to install one bottle in each classroom so each class can dispose of all their unrecyclable soft plastic (such as wrappers from lunchboxes or general classroom waste) and create a new class ecobrick.   We will then build something from the class bottles later on in the summer term.  Thank you for your support so far, the workshop was fun and I hope is the start of a new journey for us.

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