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Dear Parents and Carers,

Here we are already! It is the end of term and time has flown!   

This extended newsletter is full of information about each class’s learning themes this term, so I will try to keep my own piece very short and to the point.

One thing I should mention is that I have received reports of a number of children cycling to school without proper lighting on their bicycles. If your child is one such cyclist, please would you check that they have fully functioning lights and that they are using them properly. The mornings are becoming increasingly dark!

On behalf of all the staff of St Mary’s School, thank you for your generous gifts, cards, kind words of encouragement and continuing support. I should particularly like to thank members of the PTA and those of you who have supported children’s reading or who have helped with school trips, transport to sporting events and fund-raising initiatives this term. Your help is greatly valued and very much appreciated. By working together, we continue to make progress and children are inevitably flourishing.

I should also like to thank my hard working colleagues; every one of them is important to the smooth running of the organisation and every one of them goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that children have the opportunities they deserve and enjoy.

Whilst I don’t often single out individuals for a special mention, it would be remiss of me not to point out that Mrs Kay Bedford has been at the school for 30 years this year! Thank you and well done, Mrs Bedford; that ticks all the boxes for perseverance, resilience and staying power! Mrs Bedford was very much in the limelight earlier this week when, along with our three wonderful chefs (Mrs Lowman, Mrs Swift and Miss Pocock), she planned, prepared and presented a wonderful festive lunch for the whole school! Delicious!

Finally, all that remains is for me to wish you all:-

 A Very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!

Stay safe, warm and close to family, friends and loved-ones this Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 7th January 2019.

Best wishes

Janis Radcliffe

Head Teacher



A reminder to please make your meal choices for the first week of term in January by Tuesday 18thDecember in order for the catering team to place their food order on 19th December.


Years R, 1 & 2                          FREE

Years 3, 4 & 5                          £135.70

Year  6                                      £133.40

If you wish to pay for the first half of the term only the amount required is:

Years R, 1, & 2                          FREE

Years 3 & 5                                £69.00

Year 4 & 6                                  £66.70

If you wish to pay a week at a time the cost is £11.50 (£2.30 per day)


All meals must be paid for in advance

Please pay online.


We have had a fantastic first term getting to know one another, making friends and learning to work together as a class group. The children have settled into school life and routines really well. You should all be very proud.

Our friendship web…

We created a friendship web by rolling a ball of wool to a new friend across the circle. We learned each others names and kept rolling the wool until we were all connected.

Our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic is always a big hit. The children learned about the emergency services, which produced some great imaginative role-play. They undertook daring rescues whilst consolidating their number skills to 10, finding burning buildings by their house numbers and counting out objects to match numerals.

Fire fighter role-play.

The children’s phonics skills are progressing rapidly; we have now learned all of the single letter sounds and have been segmenting simple words for writing and blending sounds for reading.  As Christmas approaches, we have been learning about the very first Christmas and the children were able to apply their new skills to write our own version of the Nativity. They each wrote a sentence on the computer, sounding out words and finding the letters to match.

We have thought a lot about shape and colour this term. We looked at pictures in books and tried on costumes to help us to paint this amazing scene. The children used simple circles, vertical and horizontal lines to create the characters and the results were most impressive.

An excerpt from our story:

‘It wos a lon juny to beflyhm (Alice B). Mry wt on a dcy (Charlie). Vey tavld ol the dez ad ol the nIts (Edith).’ Zey nid to fId a ples to slip (Emma)

It was a long journey to Bethlehem. Mary went on a donkey. They travelled all the days and all the nights. They needed to find a place to sleep.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and look forward to our new adventures together in the new year. Happy Christmas everyone!

Miss Griffiths


It has been a delight to watch the children grow in confidence this half-term as the routines and expectations of Year 1 become more familiar.

We are learning to be more independent in choosing resources to help with our learning and in managing our own belongings. The children are enjoying the responsibility of taking on roles around the classroom and the cloakroom and the book corner have never been so tidy, thanks to our helpers.

The children have really engaged with our topic of castles. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Arundel castle and performed a fantastic assembly telling the audience all about the features of a castle – ‘never forget the Oubliette’.

One morning we came in to find that there had been a strange overnight visitor to our classroom. The children investigated and found a mysterious golden egg. We waited patiently until finally a small dragon hatched out. This excitement led to some fabulous written work, describing dragons and their lairs, and the children wrote some imaginative dragon stories.

We have been learning to add and subtract using shields to help us and we have learned to work out how many tens and ones are in numbers. We have also explored 3D shapes, making models and pictures, and learned to look out for theses shapes in the world around us.

As you can see, we have been very busy this term and we are now looking forward to Christmas. We enjoyed showing you all our singing and dancing skills in the Nativity last week.

Merry Christmas.


Like all classes Year 1LS have been super busy this term! Our topic ‘Castles’ has been fantastic and given us many opportunities for cross curricular links from writing to constructing!

The dragon has scales that make a rattling sound!


Literacy- Our focus has been on our handwriting, forming our letters correctly and writing sentences with a capital letter and full stops. We are also learning to join our sentences with and, but or so.  Our inspiration for our writing has come from our class trip, a dragon which hatched from an egg in our classroom and Christmas related stories.

It was stormy and the clouds were black. There was a spooky silence then the trees started to swish.

The dragon is green and blue, he has a spikey tail and big red wings.

Maths- In Maths we have been concentrating on forming our numbers correctly. As well at that we have been learning to add and subtract and have recorded this in varying ways including designing a shield. We have been using the dienes to help us understand place value and made excellent 3D models when learning more about 3D shapes.

Topic- In our topic lessons we have made crowns and shields, 3D castles fit for kings and queens and recreated the Bayeux Tapestry. We have learnt about the different parts of a castle and how they have changed throughout history.

Other curricular events- Year 1 has performed in front of large audiences twice this term and have confidently answered questions from visitors looking around our school. They were brilliant ‘aliens’ in our nativity this year and sung out well. Many skills have been practised when making our poppy wreath for remembrance and our Christmas gifts.

This is just a glimpse of our learning, you are very welcome to come and discover more!


Year 2 have had a fantastic Autumn term learning all about the Great Fire of London.  We started the topic by learning about life in the 17th century, before finding out how the fire began and exploring the reasons why it spread.  We designed and built our own Tudor style houses out of cereal boxes, and, just like the baker Tom Farriner, we made bread rolls at our very own Pudding Lane bakery.  Thankfully we remembered to turn the oven off!

There were lots of links to other curriculum areas such as Literacy, Art and Science in our learning too.  We wrote instructions, recounts and stories about the fire; used different media and techniques to produce artwork of Tudor houses and scenes of the fire; and even tested different materials to find the ones most suitable to make a bucket to put out the fire in one of our Science lessons!  In Music, we found out more about important people during the Great Fire, such as Samuel Pepys, Thomas Bludworth and King Charles II, as we prepared for our super class assembly by learning and performing fact filled songs.

In November we visited the Museum of London where we ‘Walked the Great Fire’ and spent some time exploring artefacts in the museum.  In December, we had a very exciting morning when fire fighters from Haslemere Fire Station came to talk to us about fire safety, before setting our model Tudor Houses alight to demonstrate just how quickly fire can spread! 

As if all of that wasn’t busy and exciting enough, Year 2 also worked incredibly hard to prepare for this year’s ‘out of this world’ Nativity, Christmas with the Aliens!  Now it’s time for a much needed rest over the Christmas holidays, but we’re looking forward to what the Spring Term holds!


Year 3 have had a fantastic Autumn Term learning all about the Stone Age and the Iron Age.  In September, we were fortunate enough to start our topic with an interesting visit to Butser Ancient Farm where we took part in authentic Stone Age activities such as chalk carving, building a wattle fence, making pottery and even becoming archaeologists digging up bones and other artefacts!  We were based in our very own smoky Iron Age roundhouse with real deer skins on the floor and a fire burning in the hearth.

On our return, we continued our learning in class, and have explored life for people in the Stone Age to the Iron Age by writing Stone Age stories, making cave paintings using charcoal and clay, preparing our own choreography of a fire dance, writing news reports about the discovery of Skara Brae, and even making our own Stonehenge landscapes.


WOW! What a busy but enjoyable autumn term we have had

in Year 4.

Our topic on World War 2 started with a trip to The Rural Life

Centre in Tilford. We had a fantastic day learning about various aspects of World War 2, such as air raid shelters, make do and mend as well as experiencing a rather realistic session in the evacuee school room!

We then experienced evacuation closer to home when we were evacuated to various houses in Chiddingfold.  It was a rather daunting experience lining up on the playground waiting to be picked by our host families. We then spent the morning back at their houses doing chores, such as gardening, cleaning the windows and even baking!

After learning lots about the war we finished our topic with a 1940’s tea party in the hall. We baked delicious cakes and made scrumptious sandwiches to serve to the parents. We performed a Lindy Hop dance that we had been working really hard on throughout the term and sang the song ‘White Cliffs of Dover’. 

Year 4 have also performed well throughout the term by leading the Harvest Service at St Mary’s Church as well as acting, singing and dancing in our class assembly all about World War 2.


We have had such a busy term in Year 5 – it has absolutely flown by! During our first term, we were looking at ‘Ancient Greece’. We looked at Gods and Goddesses, the Olympics, democracy, Greek food – and discovered that a lot of our lives today were massively influenced by the Ancient Greeks. We went on a trip to Legoland where we took part in a ‘time traveller’ workshop and impressed staff with our extensive knowledge. We also put on a wonderful class assembly – showing our fantastic acting skills and particularly enjoyed telling everyone about Pandora’s box.

Meanwhile, we have managed to fit in all of our other subjects. We have particularly enjoyed all the science experiments this term. For example, making a chemical reaction powered boat and testing different surfaces for friction. We have shown our teacher already how much we are growing in independence and maturity – and hope to carry this on for the next term.

However, we are now ready to sing lots of Christmas songs and celebrate all we have achieved. We are already looking forward to our next topic, Earth and Space!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love from Year 5 x


What an amazing term Year 6 have had! We’ve had so much fun that it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. In September I introduced our topic: WWI. The class were immediately interested and were keen from the start to share their knowledge and undertake research in their own time.

As part of this topic we have written letters from the trenches, war poetry and diary entries; designed and painted war scenes inspired by the artist brothers John and Paul Nash; researched the changing face of Europe before, during and after the war; studied the order of events including major battles; and they built their own model trenches as a home project.

We’ve also been lucky enough to visit the Imperial War Museum in London to see the WWI exhibition and we went to the Surrey History Centre to learn about the impact of the war locally. Year 6 will be sad to see the end of their topic but I know they’re looking forward to their Spring Term topic of Shang Dynasty China.

The class have also been working hard in other areas: they have been ploughing through the maths curriculum, improving writing skills such as checking and editing, and creating decorative Christmas lights for the Science topic of ‘electricity’. All in all it’s been a very busy term, Year 6 have worked hard and I know they’ll keep this up after Christmas too.