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NEWS - 11 OCTOBER 2018

Next week’s value is Thankfulness


“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds”. Psalm 1:5

Dear parents/carers

After a quiet start to the week, St Mary’s School became a hive of activity on Thursday, when we had a fantastic Year 1 class assembly, followed by an Open Day, the latter to be repeated tomorrow. 

Thank you to Year 1 children and their teachers for all their hard work in preparing an assembly on the theme of this term’s topic work, castles.   Children shared interesting facts, using very impressive vocabulary and they danced and sang to the well-timed beat of a drum! Well done, Year 1! 

This week, we opened our doors to parents and visitors. Visitors were treated to a tour of the school and had the opportunity to see lessons in progress. Children were well-behaved and superb ambassadors for our school. Thank you to teachers, children and Year 6 pupil leaders who helped me to conduct the school tours and thanks to Mrs Bishop and Mrs Bedford for their help with refreshments and making our visitors feel welcome.   

On Thursday, Year 4 children, studying World War II, experienced what it must have been like to have been an evacuee, in war-torn Britain.  Thank you to Miss Hampshire and parent volunteers for organising this event and for your support in hosting children’s visits. Year 4 children enjoyed sweeping, mopping, washing-up, baking and helping their host families during a busy morning, between air-raids!  

In our Wednesday staff meeting/twilight training session, our Literacy Leader, Miss Howells, presented feedback to colleagues, following her engagement with a spelling research group project. Miss Howells reminded teachers of some important principles regarding the teaching of spelling; she will provide information for parents in the near future. You can help your child with spellings at home, by doing word puzzles, playing word games and creating rhymes and actions to help children memorise their spellings. It is imperative that children are able to incorporate the correct spellings into their writing and not simply regurgitate the list for a spelling test.

Tomorrow (Friday), we will have our penultimate Celebration Assembly for this half term. May I use this platform to make a gentle plea to parents of younger children who attend? Whilst younger, well-behaved siblings are welcome to attend our weekly celebration, we do ask that parents supervise them closely and ensure they do not disrupt the proceedings with avoidable noise. Could I ask that, if you are bringing toys to entertain youngsters, these could be soft toys only, so that, if dropped they don’t disrupt the programme. Teachers and children work very hard to make the assemblies enjoyable for participants and guests and it is difficult when the audience engages in distracting conversation and/or younger siblings are making a lot of noise. We thank you for your cooperation.

Have a great weekend.

Janis Radcliffe










12th Oct @ 9.30-11.30am

Open Morning – prospective parents

12th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

15th Oct

Clubs Week 5

18th Oct

School Photos, Individuals

19th Oct

World Maths Day

19th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

w/c 22nd Oct

Half Term

29th Oct am

Sign-up sheets on Mullard building for parents evening slots

29th Oct

Clubs Weeks 6

29th Oct

Y5 Trip to Lego Land

1st Nov @ 9.00am

Y2 Class Assembly – parents welcome

2nd Nov @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

3rd Nov

Chiddingfold Bonfire Celebrations

5th Nov

Clubs Week 7

6th Nov 3.30 – 7.30pm

Parents Evening – Whole School

8th Nov

Y2 Trip to Museum of London

8th Nov 3.15 – 6.00pm

Parents Evening – Whole School

9th Nov @ 10.15am

Remembrance Service in School Hall – parents welcome

9th Nov @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

12th Nov

Clubs Week 8

16th Nov

Children In Need – wear mufti and donate £1

16th Nov @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly -  parents welcome

19th Nov

Clubs Week 9

22nd Nov @ 9.00am

Y3 Class Assembly – parents welcome

23rd Nov @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

26th Nov

Clubs Week 10

29th Nov @ 9.00am

Y5 Class Assembly – parents welcome

30th Nov

Pied Piper Theatre Company R, Y1, Y2



There will be no clubs week of 5th November due to parent’s evenings, with the exception of the paid clubs of Kickstart, Girls and Boys Football and Recorder Club.

Miss Clark's netball club - Year 5 and 6

On Monday 15th October Miss Clark's training session will include a friendly fixture with Grayswood School at home. There will be 2 matches played simultaneously on the tennis courts and playground, starting at 3:35pm. You are very welcome to come and watch: please note that the club will finish slightly later than usual, at 4:15pm.

On Monday 12th November there will be NO Miss Clark's netball training due to a fixture the following day.

There will be NO Get Going Club on Monday 15th October due to staff training.


On Thursday 27th September, we visited Butser Ancient Farm to begin our learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. 

When we arrived at Butser, we were greeted by a lovely lady called Claire who introduced us to the farm’s friendly goats. After this, we were taken to a Neolithic Stone Age house where Claire gave us a fascinating talk about life in the Stone Age as we sat around a real burning fire.  The walls of the house displayed cave paintings showing Stone Age people hunting a large animal.

After the talk, we were taken outside for our first activity where we became archaeologists.  We used a trowel and brush to uncover artefacts which included a wide selection of different animal bones, flint and shells.

Later we were taken to build our own wattle fence.  Sturdy oak posts were built into the ground, and with our partners we had to weave the more flexible hazel branches in and out of the posts before pushing them down to make the fence.  These fences would have been used to keep animals in, and as the base for house walls.

After lunch we learned how to do chalk carving.  We smeared natural green colouring from a leaf onto a larger piece of chalk before using flint as a tool to carve a symbol.  Flint is a very hard and sharp stone which Stone Age people used for many different things including as a tool and as a weapon.

Our final activity of the day was pottery. We used clay just as our ancestors did – straight from the ground! Our pots, or as Stone Age people called them, beakers were then decorated with the symmetrical patterns using sticks and feathers.

Overall we had a great day, and we’re excited to learn more about our topic back at school where we’ll be able to link our learning to our experiences at Butser Ancient Farm.


Sign-up sheets will be on the Mullard building for parents to sign-up for their slots on Monday 29th October in the morning.


A reminder the closing date for on time applications for secondary school is 31 October 2018.


Your child will be bringing home a parent information pack containing all the relevant information needed for the nasal flu immunisation being held on 12th November 2018. Please can you ensure you complete and return the consent form (even if you do not wish your child to have it, there is a box you have to tick) to either your class teacher or the School Office by Friday 19th October 2018.


Thank you to all those who have returned these.  We are still waiting for some to be returned, please check book bags and return asap.


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