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Next week’s value is Community

“Let all that you do be done with Love”. Corinthians 16.14

Dear parents/carers


Welcome to all new Reception children who joined St Mary’s School this week. Miss Griffiths reports there have been times when she has been unable to see the classroom carpet for toys, nevertheless she has been impressed with children’s sense of awe and wonder and with their thirst for learning! Miss Griffiths has been sleeping extremely well this week!

Our new Pupil Leadership Team got off to a good start on Monday morning when they presented an informative assembly to the school. Peer Mediation Team members revealed how they can help younger children resolve small playground disputes; generally through promoting discussion and compromise. Peer mediators are actively trained in conflict resolution techniques and they are given clear instructions regarding their role and when to refer concerns to an adult.

On Thursday morning we held our ‘New Beginnings’ Service at St Mary’s Church. We formally welcomed new pupils, parents and colleagues and we hope you will be very happy in your new school! 

Tomorrow (Friday) is ‘Dahlicious Day’ when we look forward to seeing some fabulous outfits representing characters from the much-loved Roald Dahl’s books.

Have a great weekend.

Janis Radcliffe




14th Sept

Dahlicious Dress Up Day – come dressed as your favourite character - £1 donation

14th Sept@ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

17th Sept

Start of Clubs Week 1

19th Sept

Y1 Arundel Castle Trip

20th Sept @ 6.15pm

Reading, writing and phonics information event – open to KS1 parents/carers

21st Sept @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly  - parents welcome

21st Sept @ 3.00pm

Y6 Booster Maths starts

24th Sept

“All About Me” week

24th Sept

Clubs Week 2

25th Sept

Y4 Rural Life Centre Trip

27th Sept

Y3 Butser Ancient Farm Trip

27th Sept @ 9.00am

Y1SL Class Assembly – parents welcome

28th Sept @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

1st Oct

Clubs Week 3

3rd Oct

“No Pens Day”

4th Oct

Harvest Service at St Mary’s Church – parents welcome

5th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

8th Oct

Clubs Week 4

11th Oct @ 9.30-11.30am

Open Morning – prospective parents

11th Oct

Y4 Evacuation Day

11th Oct @ 09.00am

Year 1B Class Assembly

12th Oct @ 9.30-11.20am

Open Morning – prospective parents

12th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

15th Oct

Clubs Week 5

18th Oct

School Photos, Individuals

19th Oct

World Maths Day

19th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome




Last term, the vast majority of St Mary’s Reception and Year 6 pupils participated in the National Child Measurement Programme.

The 2018 summary of results shows that 94.3% of children in Reception class and 96.8% of children in Year 6 took part. Our high participation rate means that the results for our school are reliable.

The results showed that fewer of St Mary’s children were overweight or obese, than nationally and within the Local Authority.  In any population of children of all ages, it would be expected that 10% would be overweight and that a further 5% would be obese. However current levels across England are far higher.  

We are very pleased to have assurance that our children are faring well compared to children in other schools, both nationally and locally.

For anyone interested in a weight management programme for families who want to eat healthily and have fun together, being more active, you may be interested in weekly child and family weight management courses being run in Guildford and Waverley as follows:

Godalming Leisure Centre

Monday evenings

Green Oak School, Godalming

Wednesday evenings

Christ’s College, Guildford

Saturday mornings

To find out more contact 01483 600 524,  email or visit the provider website at


We have a small number of children in school with food allergies, some of them quite serious.  We take every precaution in school, by forbidding nuts and by the implementation of a lunch-time system to protect vulnerable children from coming into contact with allergens.

A list of pupils with food allergies (including serious gluten intolerance) and those who may not eat certain foods, for moral or religious reasons, is available to teachers through the school office and teachers take every precaution to protect children and to keep other relevant people informed.

We ask for parents’ help in upholding our nut-free environment by avoiding putting items containing nuts in children’s snack/lunch boxes. Parents supplying cakes and sweets for birthday treats should also be aware that we cannot accept treats containing allergens and children will be advised to obtain parental permission to consume items brought to school by parents.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Today sees the birthday of children’s author, Roald Dahl.  To celebrate his life and work, and to raise money for his marvellous children’s charity, we are holding a Dahlicious Dress Up Day tomorrow - Friday 14th September.  Children are invited to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character for a suggested £1 donation. We have seen some fantastic costumes when holding this event in previous years, so we look forward to seeing what wonderful characters descend on St Mary’s this year!


All pupils receive approximately 2 hours per week of quality PE provision as part of the curriculum. In addition to this, ALL pupils have the opportunity to experience competitive and non-competitive sport internally in three ways:

  1. Playing many matches within lessons. Participating in school sport events, for example Sports day
  2. Attending multisport events at Woolmer Hill School which are organised within our confederation of schools. Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to experience different sports, gain new skills and enjoy a friendly level of competition.
  3. Attending after school clubs and taking part in matches within their group, and, when the opportunity arises, participating in a friendly HOME match with a local school.

SOME pupils will have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport. The school perceives inter-school competitive sports as a means of extending pupils that demonstrate the requisite skills and qualities, or who are deemed gifted, in this curriculum area.


This criterion varies from fixture to fixture and is hugely dependent on the level of competition, as well as the number of children that we are allowed to take to events. Many of the competitions that we enter are of a high standard, with opposition being extremely competent in terms of skill level, knowledge of rules, tactical knowledge, strength and speed. It is important that, as a school, we recognise the purpose and level of competition involved and ensure that our selection is made to reflect this.

Selection criterion for team events is based on:

• Level of skill demonstrated

• Level of fitness

• Understanding of games, tactics and rules

• Enthusiasm to learn and improve

• Emotional maturity to cope with the pressure

• Commitment to training and learning

• Performance, effort and behaviour in lessons and practices

• Attitude of player on and off the field of play

• How the player presents themselves, dress, manners, helpfulness, sportsmanship, etc.

• Performance of the play as a team member

• Understanding of the importance of safety

For all individual competition selection, for example: District Sports and KS1 and KS2 Confederation Sports, the pupils are selected from either PE and games lessons or by attending after school clubs.  The pupils with the best results/times represent the school (unless it is a non-competitive event).

In an ideal world, we would love to give every child the opportunity to represent the school in every competition that we enter. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (usually squad size restrictions, transport and staff availability) this is not possible. The decision to which children to select is never an easy one and many conversations take place to ensure that choices are fair and just and that the school is appropriately represented. Most importantly, we endeavour to give children a positive view of Sport, to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for all.


There has been a disappointing amount of children signed up to boys and girls football on a Wednesday. Please note that team selection for matches and tournaments will be chosen from the after school club. This also applies to netball club on a Tuesday. For full details of our Sports selection, please read the attached policy.


A gentle reminder that the £25.00 School fund donations can be made on Scopay.  These donations are much needed and appreciated and go towards the added extras for classes including art materials, in-house theatre visits to name but a few.  Thank you in advance.


The PTA run Cafe will be open every Wednesday this month & will also be selling 2nd hand uniform. 

We already have a fantastic committed group of bakers and servers but in order for the Cafe to continue we do need some extra help! So we are looking to recruit new helpers to the team to enable us to open every Wednesday & Thursday from October. 

Bakers: Could you join the baking rota and provide a batch of cupcakes, biscuits of a large cake maybe once a month?

Servers: Due to the change in days and some of the current servers now stopping, we really need some more volunteers. We aim to have 3 servers on each session and it would only be 1 1/2 hours on either a Wednesday or Thursday once a month to help serve drinks and cakes.

Please reply to for more information if you think you can help with either baking or serving once a month. We really hope that we can continue to run this lovely community cafe twice a week to raise money for the PTA (school) but we do rely on your help!

Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming you at the Pavillion Café. 


I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Summer! Now we’re back to ‘normal’ I just thought I’d give you our key dates for our groups!

Church Mice – our toddler group runs every Thursday in term-time from 9.30-11.30 in the Church Room. Join us for playing, being creative, stories and song time plus snacks for young and old! Re-starting 20th September

#FNT – our Youth group for years 5-8, Fridays in the Church Room from 5.30-7pm. Join us for all sorts of games and activities, tuck shop and our infamous toasties! £1 entry plus max £1.50 tuck shop money. Due to limited volunteers we will run every other Friday from 21st September! Dates are: 21st September, 5th and 19th October, 2nd, 16th and 30th November and 14th December

Messy Church – Join us on October 14th for free family fun exploring faith in a messy, creative way! 4-6pm in the Village Hall.

Sunday Groups – Join us on Sundays as we have groups for all ages to explore faith. With specific groups for under 5s, 6-9s and 10-14s everyone can come and explore the theme of the service in a way that works for them! For more information, feel free get in touch or simply come along – All are welcome!


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