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Next week’s value is Community

“Let all that you do be done with Love”. Corinthians 16.14


Dear parents/carers

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all children and families back into school this week.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you are not experiencing overwhelming  loneliness, in the absence of your children’s company for the first time in six weeks!

We also welcome all new children and colleagues and hope that you will quickly settle into the routines and enjoy being part of the special community that is St Mary’s School. Please remember that we are here to help; if you have any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to bring these to the attention of an established staff member, who will be more than happy to assist.

Term has begun well, with all children arriving punctually and settling quickly into their new classrooms and routines. Children who are new to the school have each been appointed with a ‘buddy’- a nominated partner to support them through these early days of transition.

Children have been reminded of the classroom and playground rules, as well as about e-safety, punctuality and good attendance. Teachers have also reinforced the importance of reporting any concerns in relation to bullying and each child  has been issued with a leaflet telling them how to tackle such concerns.  It is helpful if parents can also discuss these issues at home, so that children understand that parents and school work closely together, sharing the same expectations, for the children’s benefit.

As you can see from the calendar dates, there is plenty to look forward to this term. Children should get ready to come dressed up as a character from one of Roald  Dahl’s famous books, next week. We do hope that everyone will participate.   

Please note, there will be no Celebration Assembly this week.  

Have a great weekend.

Janis Radcliffe





6th Sept @ 2.30pm

KS1 Meet the Teacher

7th Sept

NO Celebration Assembly

7th Sept @ 2.30pm

KS2 Meet the Teacher

10th Sept

Non Siblings in Reception start

11th Sept

All Reception children start

12th Sept

Reception Class photos for Haslemere Herald

13th Sept @ 10.15am

New Beginnings Service at St Mary’s Church – parents welcome

14th Sept

Dahlicious Dress Up Day – come dressed as your favourite character - £1 donation

14th Sept@ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

17th Sept

Start of Clubs Week 1

19th Sept

Y1 Arundel Castle Trip

20th Sept @ 6.15pm

Reading, writing and phonics information event – open to KS1 parents/carers

21st Sept @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly  - parents welcome

21st Sept @ 3.00pm

Y6 Booster Maths starts

24th Sept

“All About Me” week

24th Sept

Clubs Week 2

25th Sept

Y4 Rural Life Centre Trip

27th Sept

Y3 Butser Ancient Farm Trip

27th Sept @ 9.00am

Y1SL Class Assembly – parents welcome

28th Sept @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

1st Oct

Clubs Week 3

3rd Oct

“No Pens Day”

4th Oct

Harvest Service at St Mary’s Church – parents welcome

5th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

8th Oct

Clubs Week 4

11th Oct @ 9.30-11.30am

Open Morning – prospective parents

11th Oct

Y4 Evacuation Day

11th Oct @ 09.00am

Year 1B Class Assembly

12th Oct @ 9.30-11.20am

Open Morning – prospective parents

12th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome

15th Oct

Clubs Week 5

18th Oct

School Photos, Individuals

19th Oct

World Maths Day

19th Oct @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – parents welcome


A very big thank you from all staff for all the wonderful gifts and cards at the end of the summer term, they were much appreciated.


Years R, 1 & 2                     FREE

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6                                £161.00

If you wish to pay for the first half of the term only the amount is:-


Years 3 & 4                          £73.60

Years 5 & 6                          £75.90


All meals must be paid in advance and meal choices made.  If meal choices are NOT made, children will need to be provided with a packed lunch.


Starting from this term all payments for trips etc will need to be paid online via Tucasi/Scopay.  We will not accept cheques or cash going forward.  If you haven’t yet set up an account with Tucasi please ask the school office for an access code. 


If your child requires an inhaler, epi-pen or other medication to be kept in school please ensure that we have an up to date prescription in the school office.


If you have arranged a long term collection for your child please ensure that we have an up to date form in the school office and if you now allow your child to walk home please also inform the office.

Also please be reminded that there is NO access through the staff car park at pick up time.  Please do not use this gate to exit the school grounds as cars are leaving site.


Please note the updated summer term dates below:-


Autumn               Tuesday 4 September 2018                          INSET DAY

                                Wednesday 5 September 2018                   Term Starts

Monday 22 October 2018                              )

                                to                                                                            ) Half Term

                                Friday 26 October 2018                                 )

                                Wednesday 19 December 2018                  Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm


Spring   Friday 4 January 2019                                                     INSET DAY

Monday 7 January 2019                                 Term Starts        

                                Monday 18 February 2019                            )

                                to                                                                            ) Half Term

                                Friday 22 February 2019                                )

                                Friday 5 April 2019                                           Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm


Summer               Tuesday 23 April 2019                                     INSET DAY

Wednesday 24 April 2019                             Term Starts

                                Monday 6 May 2019                                        May Day Holiday

                                Monday 27 May 2019                                    )

                                to                                                                            ) Half Term

                                Friday 31 May 2019                                         )

                                Thursday 27 June 2019                                   INSET DAY

                              Friday 28 June 2019                                     INSET DAY

Wednesday 24 July 2019                    Last day of term school finishes as 1.30pm


Parents/Carers Right to Reply slip


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Please use the space below or overleaf, or email to notify us of anything you wish to discuss:












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