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News - 19 MAY 2017

Next week’s value is Trust

“When I am afraid I put  my trust in you” Psalm 56:3


Dear Parents/Carers

Well done to Key Stage 1 children who have been working really hard on their tests this week!

All children enjoyed ‘Empty Classroom Day’ on Thursday, amid reports from children that this was ‘the best day ever’! Thank you, Miss Harling and other teachers for organising this special outdoor learning event.  

Younger children enjoyed more of the outdoors on Friday when we had ‘Kidsrome’ visiting farm on site!

On Tuesday after school, governors met in the presence of two external observers, as part of an external review of governance, to comply with the October 2016 Ofsted recommendations. During the governors’ meeting, Mrs Newton also reported back on pleasing developments in science. On Thursday, Mrs Buckley and I met with a GST Consultant to evaluate the progress of the detailed post Ofsted Improvement Plan. We are very pleased with what has been achieved in a short space of time since the plan was drafted and I am indebted to my colleagues for their hard work, willingness and incredible contribution to so many aspects of our school’s ongoing development.

On Friday, Year 2 and Year 3 teachers took part in a moderation/training event, allowing them to share good practice with other schools in the Haslemere Confederation.

Next Thursday is ‘Africa Day’ when we ask children to bring £1 for the privilege of dressing in African attire. Money raised will go to charity. We look forward to seeing lots of colourful outfits!

Have a fantastic weekend, including Chiddfest on Saturday. Let’s hope for drier weather!

Janis Radcliffe 





20th May


22nd May

KS1 SATs Week

22nd May

Y3 Titanic Dress up Day

25th May

Africa Dress Day

25th May @ 9.00am

Y4 Class Assembly

26th May

NO Celebration Assembly

26th May

Half Term

5th June

Inset Day

6th June

Children return to school



School children will need to be ready and at the recreation field to be gathered up to go on stage by 12.45 for their performances at 1pm.  The gates open at 12.30 but parents with School children will be able to get through beforehand.

Kind request: children must be collected by a known responsible adult directly after the performance. 


If you haven’t returned your homework survey please bring it to the office on Monday 22nd May.


The School Council are organising a Race for Life on Tuesday 18th July 1-3pm to raise money for Cancer Research.  You can help us to fund raise by making a donation at:-

AFRICA DAY – Thursday 25th May

Come dressed in the colours of the Zimbabwe flag - Red, black, green and yellow to support Africa Day  in return for £1.00 donation. A worthwile cause to encourage children in the UK to think about children in Zimbabwe – the second poorest country in the world – and to raise funds to make a tangible difference to the lives of children so less fortunate than themselves.


Practices are well under way for the maypole dance by Year 4 Children.  Please ensure that your child is at the village green by 1.30pm to dance at approx. 2pm, wearing bright summer clothes.  Please inform Mrs Buckley if your child is unable to be present as soon as possible.


Due to the cancellation of Athletics Club on Wednesday 17th May, the club will run for ALL children on 24th and 8th June. Letters will be sent out on 8th June to let you know if your child will be continuing with training from 14th June.


We have incidents of Y5 and Y6 children crossing the Petworth Road from the park to the shops with no supervision and between parked cars.  Please urge your children to use the School Crossing to avoid any unnecessary mishap.


Kind request from the school office; we are open at 8.30 and 3.00 for any queries.  In order to be more efficient please place any forms or cheques in envelopes in the baskets provided.