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News - 5 JAN 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a well-earned break.

This is quite a short Bulletin.  There are lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for this term as the new topics get underway.  Children have discussed new resolutions in both work ethics and attitudes to learning as well as building and maintaining positive friendships.

Classes have been reminded about learning and playground behaviours and their responsibilities in contributing to a positive and caring classroom environment.  The teachers have talked through the anti-bullying leaflet with the children and they have been informed that there is zero tolerance to bullying here in St Mary’s.  Please can you reinforce this message at home.

The use of social media is not the forum to discuss classroom or playground concerns or issues.  We urge you to be mindful of comments/posts when using social media and the impact these may have on the wider community.  Any concerns should be addressed to the school in the first instance in confidence.  We thank you in advance for your support in helping maintain positive relationships.

Mrs Radcliffe continues to convalesce and sends her best wishes to you all.  She will not be well enough to return this week and we will keep you informed on her progress.  She thanks you all for your messages for a speedy recovery.  In the meantime any concerns should be addressed to Mrs Buckley.

Best wishes


13th January

Celebration Assembly

15th January

Closing date for Primary School Applications

16th January

Clubs Start this week

16th January

British Museum Trip


We still have spaces left for this club.  This is a great way to train your agility, endurance and speed – perfect training for sports day.  If we do not fill this club, sadly we will be unable to go ahead and run this club.


Below is the link to Eagle Radio and the list of competitors for the Christmas choir competition.  Sadly, we did not win but our recording is on the website so parents and children might want to view/listen to it.  The entry was from year 2.


Can all children with St Mary’s Savings Accounts bring their paying in books to the office by Friday 13th January in order for us to calculate the interest on their accounts.


This is a vital source of income for the school and a real boost for the class room budgets.  It enables teachers to provide pupils with additional extras enhancing the children’s learning experience.  We would be grateful if you could make your payments for this term online via the website.


Kind request that all payments for school trips, dinner money etc to be made online via Scopay.  Access to this can be found from the school website under the parents section.  Please help us to become a “cash-less” office and also save you time finding the correct change/cheque book.


Please ensure that your school dinner monies have been paid for this term.  Going forward if money is owed, unfortunately your child will be unable to continue with school dinners until payment in full has been made.


For reception place for September 2017, the deadline for applications is 15 January 2017. Parents who miss the deadline reduce their chances of getting one of their preferred schools, so apply online by visiting


Eaten too many mince pies over Christmas and is your new year’s resolution to get fit?.. Then join Combat Boot Camp every Wednesday from 7.30-8.30 in the School Hall.  Suitable for all levels of fitness.  £5.00 pay as you go, any questions to Lindsey Wright.