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News - 7th July

Dear Parents/Carers
It is hard to believe that this is the penultimate bulletin of the academic year! Time does fly, especially when you are busy and having fun!
Last week, Year 6 children had an opportunity to visit their new schools, whilst in school; pupils moved up to their new classes and met their new teachers. It was a very successful day, we were very proud of how independent and brave the children were from the very beginning of the day and we were pleased to see them still smiling by home time.
This week the whole school is busily preparing for the Production of ‘Rock Bottom’. The dress rehearsal was a success and it is set to be a spectacular two evenings with a backdrop of glorious sunshine! (We really must be righteous!) We look forward to welcoming you all from 5pm this evening.

Next week, the Year 4s are luckily heading out for a day at the beach. Back in school, the aim of the game is to remain cool and calm. The forecast is very hot weather, so all children will need to come to school with sun cream applied, a hat and water bottle. We will try to provide as much shade as possible outside by putting up gazebos. If you have a spare gazebo we could borrow for next week, we would be very grateful, if so, please inform the office.
Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Buckley

Diary Dates                               

Date                                                        Activity
7th July @ 6.30pm                                Production
8th July @ 6.30pm                                Production
11 July                                                    Y4E & 4K West Wittering Trip
12th July                                                District Sports (invite only)
14th July @ 9.00am                             Y5 Class Assembly
14th July @ 10.00am                           Music Works Assembly
15th July @ 2.00pm                             REACH Assembly (invite only)
21st July @ 10.00am                           Leavers’ Service @ Church
21st July @ 2.00 – 4.00pm                 Y6 Leavers’ Party
22nd July @ 9.30am                           Leavers’ Assembly
22nd July @ 1.00pm                           End of Term
5th September                                    Start of Term


Please can you collect any medicine, pills, epipens, etc from the school office before the end of term. Any over the counter medicines left will be thrown away.

The bucket will be put outside in the playground at the end of each day from next week so please check it. Anything not claimed by the end of term will be donated. If you can ensure all items of clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc are named for September this will help alleviate many unclaimed items!

We would like to thank the ongoing support of The Chiddingfold Community Fund who has continued to support St Mary’s this year with a grant towards school trips and experiences.

St Mary’s Church and Chiddingfold Archive
Saturday, 10th September, 10 am to 4 pm

St Mary’s Church and Chiddingfold Archive will be open for all ages to explore and share memories about significant events that have shaped our village life during the time of Elizabeth II. There will be contributions from the school and others within the village and a chance for everyone who visits to write on a timeline which will be given to the Archive for posterity. Refreshments will be available all day. We look forward hearing your memories.
Your Memories of Chiddingfold during the last 70 years.

This year’s Heritage Open Day will take place at St Mary’s Church and the Chiddingfold Archive on Saturday 10th September between 10 am and 4 pm. The theme is Chiddingfold during the time of Elizabeth II. The Heritage Group and the Archive are working together to shine a spotlight on Chiddingfold’s history during this time.

We are planning to focus on how the village and its surroundings have changed, extreme weather events, impacts of technology and how special events have been celebrated and we need your help. Do you have any photographs or artefacts, (non-precious please) that you would be willing to lend us for the day? Or do you have personal memories or stories you would like to share?

Please contact Jane Bell ( or 07929 849275). Looking forward to hearing from you.

Following Government guidelines, schools are no longer allowed to authorise requests for children to be taken out of school for a holiday during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you take your child out of school, you may face a penalty notice.


Year 1 – 96.7%
Year 2 – 94.7%
Year 3 – 98.6%
Year 4K – 94.5%
Year 4E – 98.2%
Year 5 – 98.1%
Year 6 – 75.6%


Reflecting the virtues of Mary, our vision is for everyone to be inspired to blossom and grow, fulfilling their potential in all aspects of life. By exploring the Christian values of wisdom, hope, respect and community, our pupils understand the importance of being respectful, resilient social advocates, building a better world.