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News - 26th November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers 
We are nearly at the end of our remote learning fortnight. Thank you all for engaging so superbly with the home learning offer, the standard of work submitted has been high and the children’s enthusiasm fantastic. I appreciate the sacrifices that have been made and the impact and pressures it has put on your own work and home life. 
We are determined to mitigate against this having to happen again. The risk assessment has been reviewed and we are going to go beyond DFE measures and expectations. This will include the tightening of bubbles further on order to minimise non-essential contact between staff.  All staff have been designated areas, kitchen space and time slots.  They will wear masks when outside the classroom and will spend the majority of their day within their classrooms, sharing lunch duty with the class teaching assistant. Windows will remain open for ventilation and the thorough cleaning regime will continue.  The school has also been thoroughly deep-cleaned with a “fogging” machine. 
As we head towards the colder months, children may need an extra layer of clothing under their uniforms and may bring a fleece jacket/jumper to wear in class if they feel particularly cold. 
I am very grateful to my wonderful colleagues for their response to the school closure, how swiftly they organised their remote offer and how understanding and flexible they have been with the new measures and changes required from next week.  
Thank you to Mrs Wright for her live and recorded fitness sessions; they were a huge hit for staff, parents and pupils.  Staff have continued to be busy with training over the last fortnight, including staff well-being and GDPR courses attended by Mrs Oqvist, a Curriculum course attended by myself and Miss Hampshire and a four-part Writing course attended by all of the teaching assistants.  

Next week, our virtual tour will be filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and therefore pupils are required to attend school in full winter uniform and bring PE kits in a bag. 
The nasal flu vaccinations have been re-arranged for Wednesday 2nd December. 
We are really looking forward to opening our doors again on Monday morning, welcoming back the children and hearing their happy voices around the school again. 
Mrs Buckley 

Date Activity

2nd Dec Nasal Flu Vacs

7th Dec Nativity dress rehearsal KS1

8th Dec Nativity KS1 (no audience) TBC Carol Performances KS2 (no audience)

9th Dec Santa Dash – All pupils come to school in PE Kit

15th Dec R + KS1 Christmas Lunch

16th Dec Y3 and Y4 Christmas Lunch

17th Dec Y5 and Y6 Christmas Lunch

18th Dec 1.30pm Term Ends 4th Jan Inset Day 5th Jan Spring Term begins 

There’s No Place Like Home! This term we have been learning about houses and homes. We have taken a Disney themed approach to our learning.  We began by discussing and writing about our favourite Disney films. We took Frozen as our first film and much of our learning was based around the film.  
Topic- We looked at Arundel itself and the castle in which Elsa and Anna live. We discussed the features of the castle and the ice palace. Our topic work went on to look at cold climates and animals, we even learnt about the explorer Ernest Shackleton. 
Art- We did some reflection paintwork of Arundel with the ice-capped mountains and tall green trees, which reflect in the crystal, clear blue lake. We learnt about the perspectives of pictures.   Science- We learnt about Materials, especially ‘Water’. Elsa wrote to us and told us she had accidently frozen Anna and Kristoff. We did many experiments with salt, heat and used different materials to wrap up ice cubes.   
We wrote back to Elsa telling her our thoughts. We also make snowflakes out of pipe cleaners and tested different salts to see if they crystalised. When learning about animals of the artic we did an experiment to find out that blubber was essential for a polar bear to survive.  
Literacy- We learnt how to form our sentences correctly and we are beginning to join sentences. We looked at characters from the film both human and fictitious and described them. We wrote acrostic poems about snow and water, and wrote guess who clues about animals that live in cold climates.  
Guess who?  
‘It can fly and has black spots. It has a small beak, what am I?’ Zosia 
The Jungle Book 
Topic- We have been exploring the jungle and discussing where you would find a jungle and what kind of animals live there. We created our own unique jungle animals and described them.  
Art- We discovered collages and overlapping different materials and textures in order to make a backdrop.  
Science - We learnt about ’wood’ and its properties. We discussed tree houses and why wood is a good material to use. We made our own homes for animals out of wood and other natural materials and designed some furniture using lollypop sticks.   Literacy - We spent time building up our experiences of a jungle by listening to jungle music.  We then made our own music and acted out being different animals. This gave us the inspiration to write some descriptive sentences.  
‘The jungle’s beautiful sunset goes to sleep. It is full of flowers that smell as fresh as daisies’ Rory 
Maths - Much of our math’s work has been very practical and where possible linked to our topic. We have really enjoyed learning about part/part whole models and writing addition numbers sentences.  
This is just a snippet of our learning, we hope you enjoyed reading about it! 
Through humility, courage and devotion, we blossom and grow 

YEAR 1– 99.3%

YEAR 2 – 98.2%

YEAR 3K – 96.3%

YEAR 3R – 100%

YEAR 4 – 99.6%

YEAR 5 – 97.7%

Christian Values 
Our revised RE Policy can now be seen on our website following this link:- 
RE Policy 
Religious education should enable every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10).  
It will help educate for dignity and respect encouraging all to live well together. Such an approach is offered through a commitment to generous hospitality, being true to our underpinning faith, but with a deep respect for the integrity of other religious traditions (and worldviews) and for the religious freedom of each person. (Religious Education Statement of Entitlement February 2019) 

COVID TESTS If you have a COVID test for your child please inform the school of the result asap. 
The main symptoms of coronavirus are:  a high temperature   a new, continuous cough   a loss or change to your senses of smell or taste    Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms 
Through humility, courage and devotion, we blossom and grow 
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