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News - 9th July 2020

Next week’s value is Confidence

“I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength.” Phillippians 4:13

Dear Parents/Carers

Reopening of school to all pupils in September

We know you will have seen on the news that schools will reopen for all pupils in September.  We are doing everything we can to make sure we’re ready to receive all our pupils back whilst following the government guidelines.

We have created a detailed action plan and updated our Covid-19 Protective Measures risk assessment to ensure the safety of both pupils and staff, and to mitigate risk as much as possible.  Below are the timetables and guidelines as they stand at the minute.

On Monday 14th September, we will welcome our new reception class pupils. Please see the timetable attached for timings and access to the school site.  Due to the updated government guidance, there have been some changes to the previously published start and finish times, please see below.

The guidance specifies that bubble/group numbers can rise, and therefore we will have three groups in school.  Early Years and KS1 are group one, Years 3 and 4 group two and Years 5 and 6 group three.  Each class within a group will have the same break and lunch times, but will work and play within their own class groups as much as possible. There will be no mixing between the three groups at any time during the day. Classrooms and toilets will be cleaned thoroughly twice during the school day, and again after all pupils have left the school site.

School starting and closing times will be staggered, and entrances have been allocated to each year group.  Please check carefully the timetable below which will also be placed on the school website under the Covid 19 section.

Break and lunch times will also be staggered with KS1 eating lunch in the hall and KS2 eating in their classrooms.  New menus from Twelve 15 are attached.  There will be no choices – only those registered as vegetarians will receive this meal.  Outside play spaces have been allocated for each class or group.

Teachers will meet their class at the designated school entrance in the morning and walk the children back to the gate at the end of the day. Parents are asked to ensure punctuality to avoid any cross over of groups.  Where possible, pupils should be allowed to walk to the school gates on their own and line up outside.  Parents will not be permitted on the school grounds, unless an appointment has been made through the school office.

Breakfast club will open in the week commencing 21st September, the price remains at £4.25 a session, which will now be payable in advance via Scopay.  Koosa club will also reopen in September.  In both breakfast and Koosa clubs, children will be placed where possible within their groups.

Pupils are expected to return to school in full uniform, as listed on the website, except for PE days, when children can come to school in their PE kit. This will not only help with timing, but will prevent the possibility of children going home with other children’s items and enable the kits to be washed regularly.   Please check the website for appropriate/compulsory kit.  Teachers will let you know in September what the PE days are for your child/ren.  Please ensure all uniform is labelled – this is even more important now!

If your child, or anyone in your house has any coronavirus symptoms, please follow the latest Government advice. If a child becomes unwell in school, you will be contacted by the school office and children should be collected within 15 minutes.  We are unable to administer any medication, including calpol or antibiotics.  However, we can still give inhalers and use epipens if required.  Please ensure these are up to date before your child returns.

Pupils are not required to bring any equipment with them, this will be supplied by the school.  Arrangements will be put in place in regards to reading books.

Children should not bring mobile phones to school as they cannot be stored in the office and are not allowed to be accessed by pupils during the school day, so must be left at home.  If collecting or home arrangements differ, contact the school office and information will be passed on.

Finally, in order for teachers to best plan to meet the needs of the children on their return to school, we are attaching a questionnaire for parents to fill in and return to their child’s current class teacher.  This will also be posted on class seesaw accounts, and is accessible on the school website.  We want to build a picture of what you have found out about your children’s learning as well as their emotional wellbeing during lockdown.  All information will of course be confidential, but will help to inform teachers’ handover meetings and ensure that they are able to plan the appropriate amount of core work balanced with restorative work.  We are determined that our curriculum will match the needs and requirements of all of our pupils, and that the right support and interventions will be in place to ensure success for everyone.

If you have any queries or concerns about the above information, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

With your very best wishes

Mrs Buckley


End of term dates

Year 5 Group A Thursday 9th July at 2.00pm

Year 5 Group B Thursday 16th July at 2.00pm

Year 1 Thursday 16th July at 1.45pm

Reception Thursday 16th July at 1.30pm

Key worker class Friday 17th July at 3.00pm

The last week of home learning for all classes will be w/c 13th July.  Teachers will not post work on seesaw or the website after this week.

Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd July, school will be closed for all pupils for deep cleaning, classroom rearrangements, staff training and preparation for a full opening in September (following Government guidelines).


Your school uniform have asked for new orders to be placed before 15th July for uniform for September.

September School Drop Off and Collection



School Day Starts

School Day Ends

Drop Off and Pick Up Point




Back Gate (Recreation Ground)

Year 1



Back Gate (Recreation Ground)

Year 2



Petworth Road Gate

Year 3K



Petworth Road Gate

Year 3R



Petworth Road Gate

Year 4



School Lane Gate

Year 5



Back Gate (Recreation Ground)

Year 6



Back Gate (Recreation Ground)


Government Guidance for Parents

The link below will take you to the Government Guidance that the Dfe has prepared for parents and carers for the Autumn term re-opening of schools:-

Parents/Carers Right to Reply slip


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