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NEWS - 11th JUNE

Next week’s value is Wisdom 
“Teach me wisdom and knowledge because I trust your commands”.  Psalm 119:66 
Dear Parents/Carers  
There is a lot of important information in this week’s bulletin, so please take time to read carefully and digest. 
This week saw the return of Year 1 to school and it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces enter the school gates.  We have been delighted with how easily the children have adapted to their ‘new’ surroundings and class set-ups. 
For those year groups at home, you continue to do a magnificent job with home learning.  Teachers are surprised and delighted in equal measures with the ideas you come up with in response to the work set, see examples below.   Some have said it has given them ‘food for thought’ about how certain topics are taught and it has given them ideas for next year’s planning.  So I reiterate, well done all of you.  I appreciate the home learning for many is wearing a bit thin; I am with you on that one!  Nevertheless, teachers are working hard to come up with even more creative and fun activities for the rest of the academic term. 
As you will have seen on the news, schools are no longer required to open to all pupils before the end of term.  Despite not having the available space to accommodate the whole school in groups of 15, we are very disappointed about the prospect of not seeing all pupils before the end of term.  I have met with the staff, Chair of Governors and the CEO of the Trust to discuss various arrangements that would allow an opportunity for pupils to come, see some of their peers, and say goodbye to their class teacher.  
Therefore, we have decided that reception class and year one will continue as now until the end of term, with the following arrangements in place for other classes. 
Year 6 Year 6 term will end on Thursday 2nd July, to enable Year 5 to come into school for a week. I am liaising with secondary schools at present around transition arrangements.  Once we have received more information we will let you know.  In their remaining three weeks, Year 6 will participate in end of year/school activities including a party and an award ceremony.  
Year 5 Year 5 will be divided into two groups, Group A will have an opportunity to come to school on Friday 3rd July to spend time with Miss Clark and say goodbye, then return on Monday 6th of July for four days of transition and preparation work in Year 6 with Miss Hampshire.  Group B will come to school on Friday 10th July to see Miss Clark and return on Monday 13th July for four days with Miss Hampshire. Miss Clark will let you know which group your child is in very soon. 
Years 2, 3 and 4 Years 2, 3 and 4 will be split into two groups and have an opportunity to come to school on either Friday 3rd July or Friday 10th July to spend time with their class teachers and say goodbye. Class teachers will be in touch shortly to let you know groups and dates.  
Key worker pupils Children who attend the key worker class will have to remain with that group and therefore unfortunately this does not apply to them; however, their class teachers will ensure they find some time to see them and say goodbye before the end of term. 
Children do not have to return if you would prefer them not to; the teachers felt it was important that all pupils had a chance for some sort of closure before meeting their new teachers in September. With all models set out, we are having to compromise in some way, but we feel that this is fair and equitable for everyone.  
Please let the office know if you do not intend to send your child in by Wednesday 17th June.  
End of term dates  Due to these changes end of term dates are now as follows: Year 6 Thursday 2nd July at 2.00pm Year 5 Group A Thursday 9th July at 2.00pm Year 5 Group B Thursday 16th July at 2.00pm Year 1 Thursday 16th July at 1.45pm Reception Thursday 16th July at 1.30pm  Key worker class Friday 17th July at 3.00pm  
Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd July, school will be closed for all pupils for deep cleaning, classroom rearrangements, staff training and preparation for a full opening in September (following Government guidelines). 
Staff for September  Year 6 Miss Hampshire  Year 5 Miss Clark Year 4 Mrs Evans  Year 3R Mrs Ryder Year 3K Miss Kightley Year 2 Mrs Porter Year 1 Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Bennett Reception Class Miss Griffiths  
More details will follow next week regarding drop off/collection points and lunch information. 
Have a lovely weekend, the sun is due to shine! 
Mrs Sheila Buckley Head teacher