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News - 6 February 2020

Next week’s value is Perseverance

“So let’s not lose heart in doing good.  At just the right time, we will reap a harvest of blessing

if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9

Dear parents/carers

This week’s value is perseverance and I have seen this in abundance from both pupils and staff.  Children have brought me examples of work to show case how they succeeded with a task they at first found difficult.  We discussed in assembly the importance of not giving up and how we all actually benefit from ‘small failures’ in order to progress and achieve our end goals.

I was sent a relevant article on the subject and it made for some thought provoking discussions with my colleagues both as an educationalist and as a parent. Please see link below:

On Monday, Year 6 spent the morning being educated in a Victorian classroom in Guildford.  The class took part in observational drawing and learning facts by rote.  They all agreed they preferred a classroom where their contributions are valued and children are encouraged to use their voice to benefit themselves and others.

Rev Dr Greene joined the Year 2 classes on Wednesday afternoon to talk about their RE topic - the importance of the bible.  Rev Dr Greene helped the children think about and answer some of the big questions they had, for example ‘is the bible actually magical’?  The classes finished their session with writing a book review for other readers.  Thank you Rev Dr Greene for your visit!

Thursday morning, Year 4 educated and entertained us with their class assembly on WW2.  The children spoke out confidently and sang with enthusiasm; displaying their wonderful acting skills.   Well done to the class, Mrs Newton and her team.

The teachers have also shown great perseverance and commitment to their roles this week; on Tuesday morning, Miss Clark hosted and led the maths hub lesson and discussion here at St. Mary’s.  She taught in front of nine colleagues from other schools and listened to feedback; all fantastically positive! Well done Miss Clark and Year 5 pupils who were great ambassadors for our school.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was Mrs Evans turn to lead and deliver a presentation on spelling for the other literacy leads in the Good Shepherd Trust. Thank you Mrs Evans for the time and organisation put into this workshop, which was gratefully received.

We really are incredibly lucky to have such skilled and knowledgeable staff who are willing to share their talents to help support teachers in other schools both in our confederation and trust; it makes me feel very proud to know that St. Mary’s teachers are recognised and valued for their ability to contribute on a wider scale.

I was delighted to welcome the HLTA assessor for Mr Hanson on Thursday, as he is now fully recognised as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  Mr Hanson is a great example of how hard work and perseverance pays off and how it can

help develop confidence and character.  We are so delighted with his achievement and count ourselves fortunate that he is part of our team.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sheila Buckley

Acting Headteacher



7th Feb @ 9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

13th Feb @ 9.00am

Y2P Class Assembly – Year 2P Parents/Carers

14th Feb @ 2.15pm

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