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News - 23 JANUARY 2020

Next week’s value is Enthusiasm


“Every time you find work, do it the best you can.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

Dear parents/carers

This week’s value is enthusiasm and we have seen many examples of this in school in the last week.  I was approached by two very enthusiastic Year 6 pupils last Thursday afternoon as they told me all about their class getting a mention on Radio 2’s introductory lesson for the annual 500 words story writing competition.  We shared the clip with the school in assembly on Friday morning, and hopefully the enthusiasm has spread throughout the classes with many children eager to write a winning entry.

This term, writing will be a whole school focus, with an emphasis on providing frequent opportunities for extended pieces of writing and continuing to develop independent proofreading and editing skills throughout the school.

From a personal point of view, I have been conducting pupil progress meetings with all teachers this week, wherein we discussed current attainment, progress and set targets for all groups of children. I am pleased to report how well teachers know each individual pupil in their care and how best to support them to reach their full potential.

On a staffing note, Mrs Spong came out of retirement and returned to Y2E on Tuesday morning.  Mrs Spong will be here on Tuesdays to release Mrs Evans to complete her Senior Leadership duties.  The children were delighted to see her and she slipped back into the old routine seamlessly!

On Tuesday, we had our first full governing body meeting of the term, directed by our new Chair of Governors, Mr Brett Freeman following Mrs Caroline Doherty’s decision to step down after 7 years of service to the school. 

Finally, there have been many opportunities for staff training and development this week.  Mr Freeman and myself attended the Heads and Chairs meeting run by Guildford Diocese on Thursday morning, whilst Mrs Newton attended a Science Coordinators network meeting on Thursday afternoon, and Mrs Porter attended an RE course on Wednesday evening. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Sheila Buckley

Acting Headteacher


24th Jan @9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

31st Jan @9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

3rd Feb

Y6 Guildford Museum Trip

6th Feb

Reception Height and Weight for children born between Sept - Feb

6th Feb @ 9.00am

Y4 Assembly – Y4 Parents/Carers

7th Feb @ 9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

13th Feb @ 9.00am

Y2P Class Assembly – Year 2P Parents/Carers

14th Feb @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – All welcome

17th Feb

Half Term

24th Feb

Spring Term Starts

24th Feb

World Week

26th Feb @ 1.00pm

Football Tournament Tillingboune – Selected Y5&6 boys

27th Feb

Jungle Book Production

28th Feb @ 9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

4th Mar

Y4 Woolmer Hill Dodgeball

5th Mar @ 9.00am

Y1 Assembly – Y1 Parents/Carers

5th Mar

Bikeability – Year 4 Group A

6th Mar @ 9.00am

Assembly – All welcome

6th Mar

Bikeability – Year 4 Group B

9th Mar

Y4 Rural Life Centre

9th Mar – 12th Mar

Bikeability Y6

9th Mar @ 2.30pm

Netball Tournament selected Y5&6 pupils

10th Mar

Sports Relief

11th Mar

Y5 Winchester Science Museum

11th Mar @ 1.00pm

Football Tournament at Tillingbourne Selected pupils

12th Mar @ 9.00am

Y2E Class Assembly – Y2E Parents/Carers

12th Mar

Y3 Seacity Trip

13th Mar

YR Forest School Trip

13th Mar @9.00am

School Assembly – All welcome

16th Mar

Book Week + Book Fair in school

18th Mar

Book Character Dress Up Day

19th Mar @ 9.00am

Y3 Class Assembly - Y3 Parents/Carers

19th Mar @ 6.00 – 7.00pm

KS1 School Disco

19th Mar @ 7.15 – 8.15pm

KS2 School Disco

20th Mar

Football Tournament @ Pennthorpe School Y2

24th Mar @ 3.30 – 7.30pm

Parents Evening – whole school

26th Mar @ 9.00am

Y5 Class Assembly – Y5 Parents/Carers

26th Mar @ 3.30 – 6.00pm

Parents Evening – whole school

27th Mar @ 2.15pm

REACH Assembly – All welcome

30th Mar

Y2 Marwell Zoo Trip

31st Apr @ 10.00am

Easter Service @ St Marys Church

1st Apr

Pause Day

2nd Apr

School Photos and Y6 Leavers Photos

3rd Apr @ 9.00am

Celebration Assembly + Rocksteady Concert – All welcome

3rd Apr @ 1.30pm

End of Term

Please note bank holiday is Friday 8th May and not Monday 4th May

2020-2021 Academic Year Dates are attached.


Please ensure that you pay the after school club registration fee of £15.00. (Free school meal pupils and lunchtime clubs are free).


We have had a disappointing number of boys sign up for Football club on a Wednesday after school. At the moment the club has 10 players in total, 4 from Year 4, 4 from Year 5 and 2 from Year 6. 

Our selection policy states that to be selected to represent the school in a match; the child has to attend the relevant after school club. We have two tournaments coming up this term, which are both 9 a side, but with our current club numbers, we do not have enough players to choose from. It would be a great shame if St Mary's were not represented at our District events; but this is likely to happen, unless we can encourage more boys to sign up for Football club. 

In addition to this, the Kickstart coach - managing director Jack Sollis (FA Level 3) - is training the boys at a cost of £50 per hour to the school. Your £15 club fee assists this cost, but obviously does not begin to cover it. With the current participation levels, the school will be paying £300 for this term - £3 per head each week. I am sure you can agree that this is not sustainable, but it would be a shame to cancel, as the boys are lucky to receive such expert coaching at a small cost. 

I understand that other commitments, especially mid-week CFC training can make after school clubs tricky. However, many of the boys stay after school to play football on the tennis courts before going home, when they could be in a club with an experienced coach. 

I hope that we may get a few of your boys to reconsider - I would really like to be able to take a strong team to our district football fixtures this term.

Many thanks

Lindsey Wright

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