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  • NEWS - 11th JUNE

    Published 11/06/20

    Next week’s value is Wisdom 
    “Teach me wisdom and knowledge because I trust your commands”.  Psalm 119:66 
    Dear Parents/Carers  
    There is a lot of important information in this week’s bulletin, so please take time to read carefully and digest. 
    This week saw the return of Year 1 to school and it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces enter the school gates.  We have been delighted with how easily the children have adapted to their ‘new’ surroundings and class set-ups. 
    For those year groups at home, you continue to do a magnificent job with home learning.  Teachers are surprised and delighted in equal measures with the ideas you come up with in response to the work set, see examples below.   Some have said it has given them ‘food for thought’ about how certain topics are taught and it has given them ideas for next year’s planning.  So I reiterate, well done all of you.  I appreciate the home learning for many is wearing a bit thin; I am with you on that one!  Nevertheless, teachers are working hard to come up with even more creative and fun activities for the rest of the academic term. 
    As you will have seen on the news, schools are no longer required to open to all pupils before the end of term.  Despite not having the available space to accommodate the whole school in groups of 15, we are very disappointed about the prospect of not seeing all pupils before the end of term.  I have met with the staff, Chair of Governors and the CEO of the Trust to discuss various arrangements that would allow an opportunity for pupils to come, see some of their peers, and say goodbye to their class teacher.  
    Therefore, we have decided that reception class and year one will continue as now until the end of term, with the following arrangements in place for other classes. 
    Year 6 Year 6 term will end on Thursday 2nd July, to enable Year 5 to come into school for a week. I am liaising with secondary schools at present around transition arrangements.  Once we have received more information we will let you know.  In their remaining three weeks, Year 6 will participate in end of year/school activities including a party and an award ceremony.  
    Year 5 Year 5 will be divided into two groups, Group A will have an opportunity to come to school on Friday 3rd July to spend time with Miss Clark and say goodbye, then return on Monday 6th of July for four days of transition and preparation work in Year 6 with Miss Hampshire.  Group B will come to school on Friday 10th July to see Miss Clark and return on Monday 13th July for four days with Miss Hampshire. Miss Clark will let you know which group your child is in very soon. 
    Years 2, 3 and 4 Years 2, 3 and 4 will be split into two groups and have an opportunity to come to school on either Friday 3rd July or Friday 10th July to spend time with their class teachers and say goodbye. Class teachers will be in touch shortly to let you know groups and dates.  
    Key worker pupils Children who attend the key worker class will have to remain with that group and therefore unfortunately this does not apply to them; however, their class teachers will ensure they find some time to see them and say goodbye before the end of term. 
    Children do not have to return if you would prefer them not to; the teachers felt it was important that all pupils had a chance for some sort of closure before meeting their new teachers in September. With all models set out, we are having to compromise in some way, but we feel that this is fair and equitable for everyone.  
    Please let the office know if you do not intend to send your child in by Wednesday 17th June.  
    End of term dates  Due to these changes end of term dates are now as follows: Year 6 Thursday 2nd July at 2.00pm Year 5 Group A Thursday 9th July at 2.00pm Year 5 Group B Thursday 16th July at 2.00pm Year 1 Thursday 16th July at 1.45pm Reception Thursday 16th July at 1.30pm  Key worker class Friday 17th July at 3.00pm  
    Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd July, school will be closed for all pupils for deep cleaning, classroom rearrangements, staff training and preparation for a full opening in September (following Government guidelines). 
    Staff for September  Year 6 Miss Hampshire  Year 5 Miss Clark Year 4 Mrs Evans  Year 3R Mrs Ryder Year 3K Miss Kightley Year 2 Mrs Porter Year 1 Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Bennett Reception Class Miss Griffiths  
    More details will follow next week regarding drop off/collection points and lunch information. 
    Have a lovely weekend, the sun is due to shine! 
    Mrs Sheila Buckley Head teacher   

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  • News - 3 April 2020

    Published 03/04/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. At St. Mary’s we are all adjusting to our changed circumstances and the responsibilities we have as a result of the current crisis.

    Prime amongst our responsibilities is to minimise contact with others and stay at home unless really required for either work or picking up essentials for home. St. Mary’s remains open for children of our key workers, and we are operating a rota system for school staff which ensures as many as possible are able to stay at home. Nevertheless, in true St. Mary’s style, my colleagues are incredibly eager to come to work and support where they can. My thanks go to you, parents, for only using this service when absolutely necessary, thus helping us to keep our staff, children and families safe.

    Teachers are enjoying seeing what the children are up to at home and the creative ways they are spending their time. It is still early days for home learning; we all have to recognise that it is not possible to follow the curriculum as we do in school. Pupils and parents have to manage their approach to learning in the way that best suits their circumstances; work set by teachers should not be approached competitively and thought needs to be given to being able to sustain home learning potentially over a number of months. So please be kind to yourselves, we are all in the same situation, teachers will guide and support where they can, but do not stress about completing huge amounts of work as this is not a school expectation. Some days will be better than others and you should congratulate yourselves when that is the case but give yourselves a break on the not so great days.

    We have seen a lot of memes out there, (some very funny) all alluding to the point you now know what it is like to teach children and the fact there may be a new found respect for educators in the future. Whilst I do hope, as I always have, that our teachers are given the respect and praise they rightly deserve, there really is no comparison between teaching at home and teaching at school. I for one would gladly have thirty of your lovely children in a classroom with all the resources and technology available than teach algebra at home to one very unresponsive and whining teenager! Yes, it has been one of those weeks! So don’t let them break you! We’ve got this!

    School is closing for the Easter break. Key worker parents have been contacted with arrangements for child care provision over this period, and we will continue on line learning from Monday 20th April. 

    Teachers are working hard to think of creative solutions for home learning in the summer term, with a view to finding opportunities to provide more structured individual feedback and guidance for children’s academic work.

    We are currently, monitoring the situation with our summer term residential trips and in the event that these are cancelled, refunds will be given in due course. In the meantime, please do not make any further payments towards these.

    Despite the worries and the uncertainty of the current situation, I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of people in our local community. We really are incredibly lucky to live in a village like ours. In times of crisis, people come together to help and support the community in so many ways, and for this I cannot thank you enough.

    All that remains to be said is Happy Easter, stay safe, and please keep in regular contact to let us know how you are doing and if we can offer you any further support.

    Mrs S Buckley

    Acting Headteacher

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  • News -

    Published 05/03/20

    Next week’s value is Endurance

    “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

    1 Corinthians 13:7

    Dear Parents/Carers

    There is a lot of important information included in this week’s bulletin, so I suggest you sit down with a cup of tea as you read through, and I shall keep my part brief.

    We may have been premature in celebrating the good weather earlier this week; however, the sun always shines at St Mary’s and we have had another happy, busy and productive week.

    On Tuesday, Mrs. Evans and I met with Jane Whittington from the Diocese to discuss our ongoing preparation for the SIAMs inspection, which is due in the next academic year.  We have spent time looking at and discussing our vision for the school in the coming years.  Once finalised, we will share this with you, as it is a vision for all stakeholders in our school and community.

    Year 4 have had a sporty week as they took part in a confederation multi-sports event at Woolmer Hill on Wednesday, and this morning they have braved the pouring rain to begin their Bikeability training!

    This morning, Year 1 made a dramatic entrance to their class assembly as a Chinese dragon danced into the hall to kick start their informative performance all about Chinese New Year.  The children had worked hard to learn their lines, and we learnt how the animals came to be chosen, including a reenactment of the swimming race!  Well done to Year 1 and their teachers.

    Next week, it is the turn of Year 6 to take part in Bikeability; please ensure all necessary equipment, including a raincoat, is brought to school on Monday morning.  Let’s hope we see some better weather!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Mrs Sheila Buckley

    Acting Head teacher

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  • News - 27th February 2020

    Published 27/02/20

    Next week’s value is Hope

    “Be happy because of the hope you have.  Be patient when you have troubles.  Pray all the time”

      Romans 12:12

    Dear Parents/Carers

    Welcome back, I hope you had an enjoyable and restful half term.

    The second half of the spring term has got off to a flying start!  On Monday, Mrs Porter arrived to school with ten eggs and an incubator from ‘The Living Eggs Ready Hatch Programme.’  This has provided a great source of excitement and anticipation for staff, pupils and parents as we eagerly awaited the hatching of ‘our’ little chicks.  The objectives of the programme are for the pupils to gain an understanding of a life cycle, experience caring for and nurturing a living creature, interpret the laws of nature and to extend language and observational skills.  Well, I can honestly say these objectives have been clearly met. The entire school has been unable to talk about anything else all week!   All ten chicks have arrived safely, been named, (not sure about Sheila Cluckley!) and have had visitors from every classroom. Please do feel free to pay a visit at the end of the school day either today or tomorrow.

    Aside from obsessing about chicks, I have been carrying out subject leadership meetings with teaching staff to discuss further ways of developing each subject area to ensure our curriculum remains broad and varied, but also fresh, exciting and current.

    On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Newton led the staff meeting on the Science and STEM curriculum. Mrs Newton has many plans for the further development of STEM classes and clubs, including a STEM accreditation.  Information about our Science Day and Science Fair will be shared soon.

    This morning, all classes were treated to a performance of ‘Jungle Book’ presented by ‘M and M Productions’, followed by a workshop for Year 6.  Tomorrow we look forward to a music assembly presented by Music Works.

    Finally, staff news. Congratulations to Miss Clark, who has been appointed as deputy SENDCo with a view to obtaining the Postgraduate certificate in Special Educational Needs next academic year. Miss Clark will work in collaboration with myself, parents and outside agencies and will eventually take over the role of SENDCo.  In the interim, please do continue to contact me with any SEND concerns or queries.  Also, congratulations to Mrs Creswell who has recently qualified as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant, Mrs Creswell will be working with selected pupils to help and support their emotional wellbeing, build resilience and confidence.

    I am sure you will join us in welcoming Mrs Sarah Howe and Ms Kate Gammon who joined our team this week, both have come with a wealth of experience in Early Years and working with children with additional needs.  We feel very fortunate to have them on our team and know they will be great additions to our school community.

    Have a super weekend!

    Mrs Sheila Buckley

    Acting Head teacher

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  • News - 6 February 2020

    Published 06/02/20

    Next week’s value is Perseverance

    “So let’s not lose heart in doing good.  At just the right time, we will reap a harvest of blessing

    if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9

    Dear parents/carers

    This week’s value is perseverance and I have seen this in abundance from both pupils and staff.  Children have brought me examples of work to show case how they succeeded with a task they at first found difficult.  We discussed in assembly the importance of not giving up and how we all actually benefit from ‘small failures’ in order to progress and achieve our end goals.

    I was sent a relevant article on the subject and it made for some thought provoking discussions with my colleagues both as an educationalist and as a parent. Please see link below:

    On Monday, Year 6 spent the morning being educated in a Victorian classroom in Guildford.  The class took part in observational drawing and learning facts by rote.  They all agreed they preferred a classroom where their contributions are valued and children are encouraged to use their voice to benefit themselves and others.

    Rev Dr Greene joined the Year 2 classes on Wednesday afternoon to talk about their RE topic - the importance of the bible.  Rev Dr Greene helped the children think about and answer some of the big questions they had, for example ‘is the bible actually magical’?  The classes finished their session with writing a book review for other readers.  Thank you Rev Dr Greene for your visit!

    Thursday morning, Year 4 educated and entertained us with their class assembly on WW2.  The children spoke out confidently and sang with enthusiasm; displaying their wonderful acting skills.   Well done to the class, Mrs Newton and her team.

    The teachers have also shown great perseverance and commitment to their roles this week; on Tuesday morning, Miss Clark hosted and led the maths hub lesson and discussion here at St. Mary’s.  She taught in front of nine colleagues from other schools and listened to feedback; all fantastically positive! Well done Miss Clark and Year 5 pupils who were great ambassadors for our school.

    On Wednesday afternoon, it was Mrs Evans turn to lead and deliver a presentation on spelling for the other literacy leads in the Good Shepherd Trust. Thank you Mrs Evans for the time and organisation put into this workshop, which was gratefully received.

    We really are incredibly lucky to have such skilled and knowledgeable staff who are willing to share their talents to help support teachers in other schools both in our confederation and trust; it makes me feel very proud to know that St. Mary’s teachers are recognised and valued for their ability to contribute on a wider scale.

    I was delighted to welcome the HLTA assessor for Mr Hanson on Thursday, as he is now fully recognised as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  Mr Hanson is a great example of how hard work and perseverance pays off and how it can

    help develop confidence and character.  We are so delighted with his achievement and count ourselves fortunate that he is part of our team.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Mrs Sheila Buckley

    Acting Headteacher


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  • News - 23 JANUARY 2020

    Published 23/01/20

    Next week’s value is Enthusiasm


    “Every time you find work, do it the best you can.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

    Dear parents/carers

    This week’s value is enthusiasm and we have seen many examples of this in school in the last week.  I was approached by two very enthusiastic Year 6 pupils last Thursday afternoon as they told me all about their class getting a mention on Radio 2’s introductory lesson for the annual 500 words story writing competition.  We shared the clip with the school in assembly on Friday morning, and hopefully the enthusiasm has spread throughout the classes with many children eager to write a winning entry.

    This term, writing will be a whole school focus, with an emphasis on providing frequent opportunities for extended pieces of writing and continuing to develop independent proofreading and editing skills throughout the school.

    From a personal point of view, I have been conducting pupil progress meetings with all teachers this week, wherein we discussed current attainment, progress and set targets for all groups of children. I am pleased to report how well teachers know each individual pupil in their care and how best to support them to reach their full potential.

    On a staffing note, Mrs Spong came out of retirement and returned to Y2E on Tuesday morning.  Mrs Spong will be here on Tuesdays to release Mrs Evans to complete her Senior Leadership duties.  The children were delighted to see her and she slipped back into the old routine seamlessly!

    On Tuesday, we had our first full governing body meeting of the term, directed by our new Chair of Governors, Mr Brett Freeman following Mrs Caroline Doherty’s decision to step down after 7 years of service to the school. 

    Finally, there have been many opportunities for staff training and development this week.  Mr Freeman and myself attended the Heads and Chairs meeting run by Guildford Diocese on Thursday morning, whilst Mrs Newton attended a Science Coordinators network meeting on Thursday afternoon, and Mrs Porter attended an RE course on Wednesday evening. 

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Mrs Sheila Buckley

    Acting Headteacher

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  • NEWS - 16 January 2020

    Published 16/01/20

    Next week’s value is Enthusiasm


    “Every time you find work, do it the best you can.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

    Dear parents/carers

    Children and staff are now in full swing of the new term as new and exciting topics have been introduced to each class all under our spring theme of ‘Finding out about the world’.

    I have visited each class this morning and children were eager to tell me what they have learnt so far about sea creatures, the Titanic and the Victorians to name but a few, and as I sit here typing I can hear the beautiful voices of year 2 singing enthusiastically along to a very modern version of the timetables!

    This week our School Business Manager, Mrs Oqvist and I have met with the chair of the PTA to discuss future fundraisers.  I have had meetings with both the local confederation Heads and Heads from the Good Shepherd Trust.  These have been very productive and an opportunity to share good practice and ways of supporting each other to ensure the best outcomes for children in our communities.

    Next week is the start of after school clubs.  Please ensure you inform the class teacher if your child is unable to attend or if there are any changes to pick up arrangements.

    Have a wonderful and hopefully dry weekend!

    Mrs Sheila Buckley

    Acting Headteacher

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  • NEWS - 19th December

    Published 20/12/19

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Here we are at the end of term one, hasn’t it flown by?!  It has been an exciting term with lots of creative and interesting learning opportunities for the children, more of which you can read about below.

    On behalf of all the staff of St. Mary’s School, thank you for your generous gifts, cards, kind words of encouragement and continuing support.  I should particularly like to thank members of the PTA for all their hard work and contribution this term.  I want to also thank those parents who volunteer their services in any capacity, from hearing children read, attending school trips and helping out with lifts to sporting fixtures. Your help is greatly valued and very much appreciated.  This support benefits the school and children in many ways.

    I should also like to thank my hard working colleagues; they have all been extra supportive this half term in the absence of the Captain of our ship!  I am truly grateful for all the assistance, support and encouragement given to me this half term.  Each one of them plays their part to ensure the smooth running of the organisation and work tirelessly to ensure all the children have the best of opportunities and experiences.

    Finally, all that remains is for me to wish you all:-

    A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

    Best wishes

    Sheila Buckley

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • NEWS - 12th DECEMBER 2019

    Published 13/12/19

    Dear parents/carers,

    Christmas celebrations and preparations continue to be the focus of our learning this week; KS2 have been practising for their Carol Service, classes have been busy preparing their Christmas crafts for sale at Friday’s fair, and some have even been designing and making their own festive hats and writing jokes for next week’s Christmas lunches.

    Our PTA have been running the Secret Santa Room this week for pupils to purchase ‘surprise’ gifts for parents and pets!  Thank you to all our volunteers for giving up so much of their time and being so patient with their customers.

    Tuesday kicked off with the reception and KS1 dress rehearsal of their Nativity, ‘I’m gonna shine’.  It was lovely to welcome the village nursery children to watch the show.

    On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon the children performed for parents, grandparents and friends.  They all sang beautifully and most certainly did ‘shine’ with their spectacular performances.  They are looking forward to one more show tomorrow morning.  We are very proud of them all; as we are of all of the teachers who have worked so hard with the children.  A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Balchin for the amazing set and props and to parents for purchasing such ‘show stopping’ costumes.

    Friday looks to be a super busy day, it is Christmas Jumper/Clothing Day, the final nativity performance, after which reception and year one will dash to the village nursery to watch their end of term show.  In the afternoon, we look forward to welcoming you all to the Christmas Fair, where you can purchase all the wonderful crafts made by the children recently.

    Finally, Christmas has certainly come early to our classes with the arrival of all of the items on the teachers’ Amazon wish list.  A massive thank you to parents who had previously purchased items and our wonderful and dedicated PTA for purchasing all items, such a kind donation.  These resources will make such a difference in the classrooms and have been gratefully received by staff and pupils.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sheila Buckley

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • NEWS - 28 November 2019

    Published 28/11/19

    Next week’s value is Wisdom


    “Happy is the person who finds wisdom.  And happy is the person who gets understanding.  Proverbs 3:13

    Dear parents/carers

    Year six started the week with a school trip to the Surrey History Centre.  The class went to find out about Chiddingfold in World War One; they learned many facts, including all about the life of Margaret Arnold, who was a nurse from the village working during the war. 

    Mid-week, our year two classes visited Woolmer Hill for a morning of multi-sports with our confederation schools.

    All classes have visited the Advent Trail in St. Mary’s church this week.  Pupils and staff had the opportunity for a time of reflection, thinking about things they are thankful for, how they could bring light into others’ lives and what small acts they could do to make a difference to others this Christmas.  Children and adults all commented on how much they enjoyed this event and how calm and peaceful these sessions were.  Thank you to Hannah Pye for organising this event for us all.

    On Thursday morning year one headed off to the Weald and Downland Museum to enhance their topic on Houses and Homes whilst the rest of the school were treated to an oustanding performance from year five in their class assembly. The class sang, danced and entertained us with an incredibly funny script. The costumes and props were fantastic, a trojan horse no less, made an appearance!  Well done to Miss Clark and the year five team.

    The week ends with the whole school learning about the Patron Saints of Great Britain.  Thank you to Mrs Ryder and Mrs Bennett for all your hard work organising this day.  If that is not exciting enough, Key Stage One will be treated to a performance from the Pied Piper Theatre company and we look forward to welcoming our villlage nursery children and staff.

    As I read through this week’s events, I realise how lucky our children are for all of these wonderful learning opportunities.  So I need to say a massive thank you to the wonderful St. Mary’s team who work so hard to ensure that all our pupils are provided with exceptional learning experiences. 

    Sadly, at the end of this week, we say farewell to Mrs Edwards, who is leaving us after five years of service.  We are so grateful for all the expertise and wisdom she has brought to her role.  She will be sorely missed, but has promised to return on a voluntary basis.  We will hold her to that!

    Finally, I must unfortunatley inform you that Mrs Radcliffe is not yet fully recovered.  She will therefore not be returning to work until after Christmas.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with her.  All school business continues as normal, as we head into the next busy festive few weeks.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sheila Buckley

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • News - 21 November 2019

    Published 22/11/19

    Next week’s value is Faith


    “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in faith and in purity”.  2 Timothy 4:12

    Dear parents/carers

    This week kicked off with all of us still basking in the glory of the performances of the pupils at the Children in Need show held at Woolmer Hill last Friday evening.  Our Key Stage One entry won best act in their age category, well done to Mya, Imogen, Grace and Pippa, (you will be able to see them perform next year at the Haslemere Fringe Festival); Darcey and Sam were our Key Stage Two representatives and both performed with confidence and style! The school choir sang with the other confederation schools, which sounded magnificent.  We could not have been prouder of all of the children who took part, you did yourself, St. Mary’s and Chiddingfold proud!  A special thank you to our music co-ordinator Miss Griffiths for all your hard work leading to this event. St Mary’s also raised £215.40 which is a great effort.

    Myself and Mrs Evans have been carrying out lesson observations this week as part of our termly monitoring procedures and we also met for our half termly governing body meeting.

    This morning Year 3 impressed us with a fabulous performance as they took us on a journey through prehistory from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  Set against a backdrop of the children’s prehistoric artwork, they spoke and sang out beautifully, and it was wonderful to see the enjoyment on their faces as they took part in their class assembly. Well done and thank you to Mrs Ryder and Mrs Balchin for their hardwork and support with numerous costume changes!

    Mrs Creswell completes her final day of ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) training and will soon start working with individual and groups of children as part of our mental health and resilience initative.

    On Friday morning myself and Miss Clark will be attending our mastery embedding meeting.  This will allow us to build upon the mastery maths within the school and share good practice across the confederation.  Miss Clark will soon be hosting the participating schools where in she has the opportunity to showcase St. Mary’s excellent maths teaching and learning.

    Please may I alert you to the signs put up on School Lane requesting that you refrain from parking there; emergency services would be unable to access the Lane if required.  Thank you in advance for supporting us with this request.

     Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sheila Buckley

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • NEWS - 7 November 2019

    Published 07/11/19

    Next week’s value is Hope


    “Faith is what makes real the things we hope for.  It is proof of what we cannot see.”  Hebrews 11:1

    Dear parents/carers

    Welcome back.  I hope you enjoyed a restful half term.  For the staff of St. Mary’s it concluded with celebrating the wedding of our colleague, Miss Howells, now Mrs Evans.  It was a truly splendid day, the bride looked beautiful and very relaxed! I am sure Mrs Evans will share photos in good time!

    Both children and staff have returned to school happy and ready to commence another busy half term.  Classes have been engaged in making poppy wreaths, and writing poems and prayers for our Remembrance Service.

    Pupils and staff have received tag rugby coaching this week, led by the Lions Academy; more of which you can read about below.  Thank you to Mrs Wright for organising.

    Miss Griffiths has been holding her parents evenings this week, as well as attending an Early Years network meeting.

    On Thursday morning, Year 1 presented a very informative and heart warming assembly on their topic, Houses and Homes.  Well done to all the Year 1 team.

    Tomorrow we will be holding a Remembrance Service in the school hall from 10.15am.  The service will be led by Year 6 children with the help of their teacher, Rev Dr Green, Hannah Pye and representatives from the church.

    Finally, unfortunately I have to report that Mrs Radcliffe is unwell and will be off work for the next few weeks. Therefore she will not be responding to any emails.  Please forward all correspondence to myself or the admin team via the school office.  Nonetheless it is business as usual; as Mrs Radcliffe would expect,  with lots of exciting lessons and topics planned. We continue to have the highest expectations of behaviour from all pupils, promoting the school values through all aspects of school life.

    We wish Mrs Radcliffe a speedy recovery!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sheila Buckley

    Deputy Headteacher

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