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View the latest news  and diary reminders from St Mary's School below. 

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  • Covid 19 Information

    Published 25/06/20

    Please click here to find our Covid 19 information. Please let the school know if anyone tests positive for Covid. If it falls on the weekend please email

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  • News 2nd December 2021

    Published 08/12/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at St Mary’s, with Nativity rehearsals, Carol singing, the creation of market stall gifts and even the arrival of a donkey on Tuesday morning!

    On Tuesday, Wintershall actors came to share the Christmas Story with the school. They set up scenery and stables outside on the grass area, with a shepherd and his sheep and Sam the donkey who made a great impression on the children and the staff. It was a wonderful way to bring the message of Christmas home to the children and make them stop and reflect about the significance of many aspects of the story. Thank you to Mrs Porter for organising this fantastic event.

    Year 6 and Year 4E presented their class assemblies to pupils and parents, last Thursday for Year 6, all about their learning of World War 1 and today for Year 4E about World War 2. In both assemblies, children had many lines to learn, they acted and sang wonderfully and in both cases, the audiences were very moved. Well done to all the pupils and to Miss Hampshire and Mrs Evans for the time and hard work that went into these performances.
    Next week, we are looking forward to the Key Stage One Nativity and the children are working hard on their lines and excited about performing in front of their parents.

    We continue to follow DFE guidance carefully and request that all parents wear masks at all times when attending assemblies or nativity performances in school. Therefore, please do not bring coffee/drinks with you into school, as masks must remain on throughout performances. Thank you for your support with this.

    On Saturday, our Christmas Fair is taking place outside on the grounds from 12pm to 2.30pm. It promises to be a wonderful event, with various stalls, Santa’s Grotto, tombola, mulled wine and Carol singing. Access is through the Recreation Ground and School Lane gates from 12pm, the gates will remain open, so please be vigilant with all children at all times. St Mary’s children will sing at 1pm on the ampitheatre, it would be wonderful to see as many of them as possible; however, we would also appreciate audience participation. For the more reserved amongst you, a couple of cups of mulled wine should do the trick!

    The PTA and I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Best wishes
    Mrs Buckley

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  • News - 18th November 2021

    Published 18/11/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    It has been an action packed fortnight with many events to highlight and celebrate.

    Last week, Rev Rachel joined Year 6 in leading a poignant Remembrance Service for KS2.  The pupils read moving stories and recounts from the viewpoint of the soldiers serving during World War 1. All of the classes made beautiful sustainable poppies; that were placed under the flag at the reception area.

    On Thursday, Year 2 performed their class assembly for parents and visitors all about The Great Fire of London.  It was wonderful to welcome so many parents, and definitely the correct decision to show to the school on a separate occasion!  It was an outstanding performance by Year 2, they learnt all their lines and sang and spoke out so confidently. Mrs Porter was rightly very proud of them all.

    This week, we were delighted to welcome back the “Open the Book” team to lead the whole school Collective Worship.  The children really look forward to these assemblies and we are very grateful to all the volunteers for coming in.

    Today, it was the turn of Year 3 to perform their assembly for parents.  Once again, we had a magnificent turn out and the standard of the performance was as impressive as last week’s.  The children told us all about life in The Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and impressed us by learning a phenomenal amount of lines. 

    Well done to the Year 2 and 3 children and to the teaching staff, a lot of hard work goes into producing these assemblies but I think our audiences were very impressed.

    We end this week with a mufti day for Children in Need, we have been very fortunate this week to hear from our link school in Malawi.  Our pupils were surprised to see photos of children in Malawi sitting on the dusty floor of their classroom to complete their assessments. Therefore, this mufti day is a good time for us to reflect as a school about how grateful we should be for all of our life comforts, and a time to stop and think about what we can do to help and support others. 

    Thank you for all of your contributions.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes

    Mrs Buckley


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  • News - 7th October 2021

    Published 15/10/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    There is no doubt that the last fortnight was sent to try us! Despite the uncertainty and speed of changes, the St Mary’s team responded and reacted to the constant challenges in a calm and measured way. I am very proud of everything they have done to ensure that the school could remain open for the majority of children and the safety measures reintroduced.

    We are also very grateful for the support from parents, for your patience and understanding with the unavoidable actions required.

    The children as always, have been marvelous at getting on with their learning, celebrating successes back in key stage bubbles and preparing for Harvest this week.

    Next week, is the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher. Due to the recent rise of positive covid cases, we have decided that these meetings will all be held on-line.

    School Cloud will be live from 6pm this evening for parents to login and book a time.

    For my part, I am really looking forward to returning to school on Monday morning. I have missed the sound and smiles of the children and it will be lovely to see my colleagues and NOT on a screen!

    Until then, have a lovely weekend, more glorious sunshine on the way.

    Best wishes
    Mrs Buckley

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  • News - 23 September 2021

    Published 24/09/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    As we reach the end of our third full week back at school and Reception Class’s first full week; I am happy to report that school life has completely returned to the happy, exciting and vibrant way it was before the pandemic. Children are enjoying working together; attending whole school collective worship and singing sessions and playing more freely at playtimes as we return to pre-covid routines and doing things the St. Mary’s way.

    All classes are enjoying learning about their new topics, which include World War I and II, The Great Fire of London, Stone Age and Road Trip USA.  All of these topics and the entire curriculum offer are underpinned by the school values.  Research highlights that providing a values-based curriculum has positive effects on pupils, both socially and academically. Our aims and vision are that our values-based curriculum inspires our pupils to be the drivers for change, helping humanity to flourish and our world to be sustainable.

    Each class will also integrate an area/topic from the curriculum of our link school in Malawi into their year’s planning. This term, Year 5 are learning about the importance of trees, biodiversity and the effects of deforestation.

    Pupil Leaders are busy fulfilling their job roles, welcoming younger pupils into school each day and supporting them at playtimes, setting up assemblies and attending meetings, (setting agendas, taking minutes and following up actions) both with myself and School Council Leaders.

    The prefects have asked me to remind parents about the importance of labelling all items of school uniform, as they gathered six items of unnamed clothing from the playground after lunch. Take heed parents!

    It has been lovely to welcome back our representatives from the church, Rev’d Dr Rachel and Mr Crocker to lead assemblies and singing practices. Other visitors have included our lead Mental Health Nurse, our Community Police Leader, our Director of Education and the headteacher from King Edwards School; who we are looking forward to working with this academic year, developing links between the school communities.

    Have a wonderful weekend, there is more sunshine to brighten our days!

    Best wishes

    Mrs Buckley


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  • News - 9th September

    Published 17/09/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    Welcome back to you all and a very special St Mary’s welcome to our new parents and families.  It has been lovely to chat to many of you at the gates in the morning.

    Thank you all for adhering to the new school rules regarding the start of the day; we are already seeing the positive impact this is having in regards to the children’s independence and how quickly the learning starts in class each morning.

    After two productive and informative INSET days, staff were delighted to welcome back the children and it was certainly wonderful to see them coming in looking so confident and happy.

    On Friday, we held our first whole school assembly in 18 months, it was nothing short of wonderful, and a little bit emotional.  It was a delight to have all the children back together again, and hear them sing so enthusiastically.

    This week, parents have had the opportunity to meet with the class teachers to find out about the day to day events in school, including curriculum, time tables and class communications. For those unable to make it, please contact the class teacher for the slides or information.

    On Friday, Year 6 will be presented with their badges for the various roles they are undertaking as pupil leaders and it will be an opportunity to explain to their parents what their new roles entail. I am looking forward to my work with the Pupil Leadership Team, they are already showing great promise, demonstrating maturity and independence and are great role models to the younger pupils.

    We are cautiously optimistic, that from next month we can start inviting parents back into watch assemblies.  We continue to be led by the DFE guidance, following the Risk Assessment and Outbreak Management Plans, which you can find on our website.  Presently, we do not plan to have the whole school and visitors in the hall altogether, but will invite relevant parents to their children’s celebrations and assemblies as they occur.  We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and make any relevant changes as necessary.  Thank you for your continued support and patience with this.

    Have a wonderful weekend; let’s hope the sun shines on us for a while longer!

    Best wishes

    Mrs Buckley


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  • News - 17th June 2021

    Published 21/06/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    The sun has shone down on us since our return from half term and it has been glorious.

    On Monday, Year 6 spent an action packed day at Chidham, enjoying water activities and a campfire. Today they are spending the day at Bentley Copse, taking part in various activities including, archery, go-karting, laser tag and zip wiring.   Next week they spend the night at Winchester Planetarium.  So despite the changes and cancellations this year, it has been wonderful to see them able to enjoy their end of year activities and outings organised at short notice. Thank you to the Year 6 team for your time and energy ensuring these events could take place in a covid friendly way.

    On Tuesday, Year 2 had a visit from Farnham Beekeepers to find out about the importance of bees and why and how we must look after them.  They got to taste various delicious honeys, but were unanimous that their favourite was the most locally sourced!

    We have also had a visit from the Inclusion Officer, who visits every term to go through attendance and punctuality records. We have been reminded that as a school we are obliged to only authorise absences for medical appointments and unforeseen circumstances, like funerals and weddings. Requests for holidays, concerts and days out will not be authorised.

    As I am sure you are aware, the government have deferred the end of current restrictions and we have received the updated DFE guidance for schools.

    At present we are unable to invite parents into school, all presentations and end of term events must take place outside with a maximum audience of thirty people.  We have been preparing for this information and therefore had planned two versions of the end of year production. Year 6 will receive a separate letter, explaining your children’s end of year events. 

    For the rest of the school, we must remain vigilant as numbers of the latest variant of covid continue to rise. 

    Therefore, unfortunately, we are unable to invite parents to sports day and end of term assemblies and events.  The whole school production will be filmed on Tuesday 6th July by Wizard, each class will perform their song and then return directly to their classrooms. Copies of the production will be available to purchase the following week.

    All other school events, sports days, REACH assembly and end of year events will all be filmed and sent to the relevant families. 

    Whilst disappointing for parents, in school we are keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible.  The children are still excited about their learning and are looking forward to day trips out, sports day, Malawi week, a fun run, school production and a talent show to name but a few of the exciting events planned for the end of the academic year.

    Thank you all for your continued support.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Sheila Buckley


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  • News - 27 May 2021

    Published 28/05/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    I can’t believe we are at the end of the penultimate half term of the academic year, however, I appreciate we are all eagerly waiting for summer to actually start!

    It has been another super busy fortnight for pupils and staff, which included a Book Fair, bikeability, school trips, church assemblies and various staff CPD courses, appraisals and conferences.

    On Monday, Y6 braved the autumnal climate to start their week ‘bikeability’ course, whilst the Year 3’s enjoyed a day out at Kew Gardens.

    Tuesday, was Y2’s turn for an outing to Wisley Gardens, whilst in school we welcomed Faith Reynolds to lead the Collective Worship with our Y3 and 4 bubble. The staff were very impressed with the pupil’s behaviour on the trips and more so with some of the astonishing plant knowledge. Well done to the Y2 and 3 teams for being great ambassadors for our school.

    We are all looking forward to the Whitsun half term break, for which I have been assured sunshine is on its way!

    On Sunday 30th May, myself and Mrs Balchin will attend the final of the Haslemere Rotary Scarecrow competition, held on Lion Green, Haslemere from midday. The Gruffalo shall be on display, and the overall winners will be announced at 3pm. Everyone is welcome, Covid restrictions have been put in place, and it looks set to be a very pleasant afternoon.

    There are many exciting adventures and learning opportunities planned for the final half term; so enjoy the break and we will see all the pupils refreshed, recharged and rearing to go on the 8th June.

    A reminder that Monday 7th June is an INSET day, so we look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday the 8th at their current starting times.

    As we have had no further DFE guidance or updates, current practices and procedures will remain in place. Have a wonderful half term break and enjoy the sunshine, when it arrives!

    Sheila Buckley

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  • News - 13th May 2021

    Published 13/05/21

    Dear Parents/Carers

    What a busy two weeks we have had, with many special events to celebrate in class and around the school, which included a VERY special birthday for Mrs Bedford, but don’t say I told you! And a celebration of Charlie Punter’s amazing cycling success at the weekend, we are still in awe!

    On Monday, the children arrived to see a new ‘resident’ on our school grounds, our wonderful Gruffalo scarecrow, created by Mrs Balchin and Year 2. The scarecrow will be entered as part of the Haslemere Rotary competition and be displayed alongside the other entries on Lion Green, Haslemere, on Sunday 30th May at 12pm.

    On Tuesday, it was wonderful to welcome Rev’Dr Rachel back in to lead the assembly with Key Stage 1 and we are looking forward to seeing our regular Collective Worship leaders from the church in the upcoming weeks. The entire school were very excited about today’s visitors, a prickly visit from a hedgehog, along with Mr Bowring, from Hedgehog Rescue, who came to tell the children all about the protection of this endangered and popular mammal.

    Later today, myself and Miss Hampshire shall be meeting with our Starfish Malawi, schools linking coordinator, as we plan our next steps on our journey with our sister school. I think that she will be very impressed how year 6 are already undertaking aspects of the Starfish curriculum.

    Have a look below at the “tippy tap” they made this week! Next week, it’s book fair week, see information below and on the class Seesaw.

    Have a lovely weekend. Sheila Buckley

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  • News - 29th April 2021

    Published 29/04/21

    Dear Parents/Carers Welcome back and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. It already seems a distant memory as pupils have the hit the ground running, diving into the summer term and their new topics with fervour and positivity. Whilst we did not receive the reduction in restrictions we would have liked, things are gradually looking like the old ‘normal’, as we have begun to welcome some visitors into the school, (covid compliant of course). Year 4 have been taking part in ‘bikeabilty’ training on the school playground and we are looking forward to resuming our Church assemblies very soon. For now, children will continue to work within their bubbles and rota systems will be set up to work with any visitor coming into school. On Monday, Year 6 attended a zoom meeting with the UK Parliament Education Team, where they found out about the Houses of Parliament and had the opportunity to question Jeremy Hunt about his position in parliament and how he got into politics. Year 6 have now formed their own political parties and are currently on the campaign trail. I have read some of the manifestos and they are very impressive. A potential future Prime Minister in that class! Today, we also welcomed Petrina Foster from Surrey Young Carers to present us with the Angel Award. The Award is made to schools that demonstrate they are ‘young-carer friendly’. Schools have to meet eight standards, checked by the Young Carer staff and young carers, including having a carers’ champion, a carers support group, training for staff, and assemblies about young carers to help all pupils understand the issues the young carers face, as well as support pupils to selfidentify and find the help they need We are delighted to receive this award, and are very proud of our young carers and grateful for the hard work and compassionate support they receive from the Home School Link Worker (HSLW) and Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA). I wish also to congratulate Charlie P, Rory G and Noah B, who have been challenging themselves cycling long distances to raise money for charity. Well done boys, we are very proud of you and your achievements. Finally, a reminder as we are (hopefully) heading towards sunny weather, that all children should have water bottles in school, bring a hat and have sun cream applied at home in the morning.

    Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

    Sheila Buckely Headteacher

    Diary Dates

    W/C 26TH April Parents evenings – letters sent home

    28th April Y4 Bikeability

    3 rd May Bank Holiday – school closed

    4 th May@ 6pm Governors Meeting

    17th May Book Fair in school

    18th May Y6 Surrey Police Drug and Alcohol Awareness Talk

    24th May Y6 Bikeability

    31st May Half Term



    Sun, spirituality and springtime celebrations At the end of the Spring Term, the whole school took a giant ‘deep breath’ away from normal lessons to reflect on the Easter story and the importance of this period in the Christian calendar. Our so-called Pause Day was a great opportunity for the children to engage in a range of activities that promote deeper thinking and spiritual wellbeing. Moreover, we were truly delighted that the entire day was bathed in glorious, warm sunshine! It was wonderful to look around the school to see children enjoying pilates sessions on the grass, art activities in our outdoor classroom and Easter garden making in and around the classrooms. All children had the chance to visit special ‘reflection stations’ in the hall where they could think and write down some of their innermost thoughts in a calm and peaceful environment adorned with twinkling lights. The day was rounded off with a very special appearance by the Easter Bunny who visited each classroom with a bulging basket of Easter treats for the children to enjoy. At a time where serenity can be hard to find, it was great for the children to have the space and time to enjoy a range of wellbeing activities alongside their friends in the safe environment of school. A perfect start to the Easter period!

    YEAR 5

    It’s safe to say Year 5 are certainly happy to be back in school again! They were absolutely wonderful during the home learning period. We can’t believe it’s summer term already. Upon returning to school, we finished our topic all about SPACE! We looked in details at the planets, astronauts and were even lucky enough to have a Zoom with someone who works in a company designing video satellites for space. How exciting! After the wonderful news about NASA sending the Perseverance rover to Mars, we decided to spend time building our own rovers, which had to survive various tasks. We had little ‘eggstronauts’ who sat inside our rovers. They had to withstand extreme heat, extreme height and a VERY bumpy obstacle course! There were some points for creativity too. This term we are excited to begin our topic looking at Ancient Greece! This week we completed a Greek murder mystery… Miss Clark was quite unfair as she made us wait until the end of the week to find out the answer. We definitely have some good detectives here. In Art, we are making our Greek masks based on various Greek Gods and Goddesses. Hopefully they will look fantastic on our display! We also have plans to have Greek day, create our own Olympics as well as looking further in to some wonderful Greek mythology! We are looking forward to another wonderful term (in the sunshine)!


    ou can now make the voluntary termly donation via Scopay for the suggested amount of £25.00 per pupil. These funds go towards additional extras for classes to use and enjoy. The school budget has been even more challenged this year due to the additional costs incurred due to Covid so if you are able to donate that would be much appreciated. SICKNESS/ABSENCE Please ensure that you inform the school office by 8.30 if your child is not going to be in school via email to:- Please do not email your class teacher.

    Haslemere Rotary Club are organising the family scarecrow competition which can be summed up as follows: • We are asking families to make a scarecrow(s) and display it / them in their front gardens during the two weeks of the Festival. May 17th – 31st . • No theme apart from a requirement to bring a smile to people’s faces when they see them. • An entry form is on the scarecrow section of the Rotary club of Haslemere website - • They can opt to make a scarecrow from their own materials, or we will provide the basics – straw and three hessian sacks. • Materials need to be pre-ordered & will be handed out over the weekend of May 1st / 2nd . • Final day of competition is May 20th . • Initially scarecrows will be judged virtually from their own photographs. • The top 12 will then be asked to bring them to Lion Green on May 30th where the final judging will take place. (Scarecrow parade) • Prizes given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd .

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  • NEWS - 25th March 2021

    Published 25/03/21

    Dear Parents/Carers 
    It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the spring term. We are immensely proud of how the children have returned to school life and how they are engaging in their learning. 
    The classrooms are bubbling with enthusiasm; there have been so many exciting activities going on in school this week.   
    Year 3’s kicked off the week with a Titanic Day, children dressed up, took part in various creative sessions and ended with what looked like a ‘First Class’ afternoon tea. 
    On Tuesday, we welcomed Dr Rev Rachel to introduce and enjoy Year 5 perform the Easter Story.  This will be shared with the whole school next week. 
    By Wednesday, the excitement in the building was palpable, with the arrival of three chicks in Year 2, more details and photos below!  
    Today, all children enjoyed a Covid compliant live production of the Wizard of Oz, attended in their bubbles.  The ‘reviews’ have been incredibly positive, ‘entertaining, engaging and educational’.  Well done and thank you to M and M Theatre productions. 
    Tomorrow, we shall end the week with a Science Day, with lots of practical, hands on lessons planned.  Next week, we look forward to Pause Day on Tuesday, a day for reflection, whilst creating a whole school mosaic art piece that will remind us of importance of hope.  
    So, as you can tell, never a dull moment here and always busy!  There are so many more exciting learning opportunities to look forward to in summer.  We shall welcome back all children on Tuesday 20th April.  At the moment we will continue to follow the measures currently in place, however, we are preparing for changes that may be put in place after this date. 
    Have a wonderful Easter break, fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine. 
    Best wishes 
    Mrs Buckley 

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  • News - 11th March 2021

    Published 12/03/21

    Dear Parents/Carers 
    It was lovely to welcome all the children back into school on Monday morning; hearing the sound of their chatter and laughter around the building is wonderful, and the school feels ‘alive’ again!  
    The children have been busy settling back into school routines, there have been a few wobbles, which is expected, but the staff are here to help, support and encourage the children.  The HSLW is also available if you have any concerns about your child and how they are settling back into school life. Children will have opportunities to talk about their worries in PSHE lessons and if necessary, extra 1:1 or small group sessions will be organised.  However, overall the children are delighted to be back with their friends and I am sure this happiness and positivity is infectious. 
    In assembly this week, we have discussed our school behaviour rules, ‘be safe, be ready and be respectful’ and how in school we need to do things ‘The St Mary’s way’, as learning in school is busier than at home, therefore patience and kindness is required, along with the characteristics of independence and resilience.  
    There are many exciting events and days organised in the next few weeks for the children to look forward to, starting with a mufti day next Friday in aid of Comic Relief; and an opportunity to splat a few members of staff with a custard pie if their joke telling does not measure up! I’ve heard some of them; it’s going to be messy! 
    Finally, a gentle reminder about social distancing at the school gates.  Some parents are anxious and concerned, so please be mindful of this.  Once you have dropped off or picked up, leave as soon as possible.  Thank you. 
    Have a lovely weekend. 
    Mrs Buckley  

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