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Year 5 Spellings 

In Year 5 we use multi-sensory approaches to learning our spellings. We focus on teachings from Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme to help us recap past learning and become more confident with tackeling polysolabic words. 

The New 2014 National Curriculum demands more from children aged 9-10 in terms of their spellings than ever before. Therefore, we strive to embed prior learning whilst taking on the challenges of the new Curriculum and addressing any misconceptions learners may have along the way! 

We have many different strategies to aid us when learning to read and spell as we realise that the English language is difficult to master! 


Here are some examples of strategies we use in the classroom:



Please see below for more resources from our spelling/phonics teaching this year.

Current pupils and parents may wish to download 'Phonics Template' so that they can practice the weekly spellings in the way that we do every Monday in class. (Delete the first words and replace them with your weekly spellings.)