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Year 3 Learning 2014 - 2015

The Titanic
Summer Term 2015

Our topic this term is the Titanic.  We have been learning about what life was like in 1912; about the building of the Titanic and the route it had planned to take; about the facilities that were available to the different classes on board; and about local radiographer Jack Phillips and his role on board the ship on that fateful night. 

In Literacy we read story books about the Titanic (Kaspar – Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo, and Samson’s Titanic Journey, by Lauren Graham) before planning and writing our own Titanic Stories.  These are on display as you enter our classroom; please feel free to come and read some of them!

When learning about the facilities on board the Titanic, we planned and recorded our own adverts before designing posters at home.

In May, we had a Titanic Experience Day.  We arrived at school dressed up as Titanic passengers ready to set sail.  We had to unload our luggage (put our bags and coats in the cloakroom), and collect a ticket from the Captain to find out what class we would be travelling in.  We took our seats in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd class, before welcoming our visitor, Anne from Godalming Museum.


In the morning we learnt about Jack Phillips, and had a chance to use morse code kits to send our own telegrams. It was really interesting to find out about this local hero, and how he did not leave his post when the Titanic was sinking, he carried on trying to send messages asking for help.

After this, we became detectives as we explored the contents of different suitcases and tried to identify what class the passengers would have been travelling in.  Then we had the chance to try some of the clothes on, and some of us even tried on cork life jackets.  We found out that not only were these life jackets quite heavy, but they were not actually very safe.  They could break passengers’ necks as they jumped into the sea, and even if they did make it into the water alive, they could have ended up floating face down in the water because of the way the cork was arranged.







In the afternoon we were served afternoon tea by waiters and waitresses from Year 6, as we listened to music that would have been played by the band onboard the Titanic.  It was a great day and we learnt a lot!

We have also been busy finding out more about the Titanic at home, as we have been researching information, building models, making posters and putting together information booklets for our projects.  These can all be seen on display in our classroom and in the corridor outside Year 3 so please come and see them – we are very proud of what we have created!

As you can see, we are thoroughly enjoying our topic, and we’re really looking forward to our trip to Southampton later this month!  Watch this space for pictures and information!

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