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Year 1 Home Learning Activities

Year 1 Summer Term Week 1 w/b 20th April

Week 2 w/b 27th April

Week 3 w/b 4th May

Week 4 w/b 11th May

Week 5 w/b 18th May

Week 6 w/b 1st June

week 7 w/b 8th June

Week 8 w/b 15th June

Week 9 w/b 22nd June

Week 10 w/b 29th June

Week 11 w/b 6th July 

Week 12 w/b 13th July

Here are some learning tasks for Year 1


Write a character description- choose a favourite character from the TV, book or film. First write some descriptive words on paper. Using their ideas write about their character using full sentences and linking words.

Can your child write 5 or more sentences?

Writing must include-

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Full stop 

linking word- and, but, so, because.

Literacy- Explore blurbs in books at home. (A blurb is the information found on the back of the book. A blurb gives you an idea of what the book is about)

After the exploration part see if your child can write their own blurb about a favourite book. Again writing should be in full sentences. 

Do blurbs often have an explanation mark or a question mark within them!?


Over the last few weeks in maths we have been learning about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Can your child count and record in 2s, 5s and 10s. As a challenge can they record in 2s from any given number? e.g 9,11,13,15 etc.

Resources around the house could be used such as pairing socks, drawing around hands and feet on paper from one room to another. These are just some other examples. 

Measure - Measure different items around your home. Your child can choose between standard measure (ruler cm) and nonstandard (hands, cars) What is the largest/smallest objects measured? 

Challenge - draw a picture using a ruler and straight lines. 

Reading - Look for digraphs in words - look in the middle of your child's reading record, pages 3,4,5 to find a list of them. Can they write down these words and dot and dash them? Your child should know what this means, a dot for a single sound and a dash for a digraph. 

Hope you all stay well.

 Mrs Bennett will be contactable by e mail Mon-Wed and Mrs Lawrence- Wed-Fri