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Who's Who

As well as the teaching staff and administrative support team, St Mary's School has a wide range of people involved in it's success within the community.

 These people include: 

The Teaching Staff and Administrative Support Team


Mrs Janis Radcliffe


Miss Jody Griffiths (RG)





Mrs Kirsten Bennett (RB)


Mrs Laura Johnson



Mr Charlie Hansen


Mrs Vanessa Edwards



Mrs Jo Chudley

Year 1

Mrs Lynette Spong

Mrs Gayle  Lawrence

Mrs Val Rauch   





Year 2



Miss Alison Howells


Mrs Denise Dickson

Year 3

Mr Steven Bannister






Year 4









Mrs Agnieszka Ryder














Mrs Siobhan Creswell



Mrs Helen Fozard

Mrs Ogie Balchin



Year 5

Miss Christie Clark


Mrs Siobhan Creswell

Mrs Helen Fozard