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Week 9 w/b 22nd June

What another great week of home learning!  We loved hearing all about what makes you happy, and the ways you have been sharing kindness with others.  We’ve seen some fantastic photos of your experiments to test which materials would be most suitable to make a raincoat, and some lovely posters in preparation for your home sports days!  It's raining heavily outside as I write this, so let's hope your sports days don't get rained off!  

Maths:  This week, we are back on track with the White Rose Home Learning and you will be learning about measurement.  This is a topic area we haven’t covered in Year 2, so it would be really helpful if you can watch the videos on the White Rose website: or on the BBC Bitesize website:

Literacy & Creative: We are very excited about this week’s Literacy, as you are going to be learning all about Superheroes!  Read the fact files and the stories for inspiration, before creating your own superhero identity and story or cartoon comic strip!  We have linked the creative challenges to this theme too, so you can create your own superhero costume, and send us a video clip telling us all who you are and what your super power is!  You can listen to the story in this week’s Literacy booklet here:

Science: This week you will be finding out more about the inventor Rachel Carson, and conducting a water pollution experiment!  The video for this lesson can be accessed here:

Have a brilliant week Year 2!  If you have any questions, or need any further help or support, please get in touch via Seesaw or e-mail.

Best wishes,

Mrs Evans & Mrs Porter