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Week 7 w/b 8th June

Hello again my dear Children,
This week we will get to know some of the creatures living in the rainforest and design and make the Rainforest animal mask. We will read some poetry and write a poem about your favourite pet. We will also investigate the way in which water is transported within plants.

Geometry: Angles

Use the slides and complete the worksheets (provided with the answer key)

  • Turns and angles
  • Right angles in shapes
  • Compare angles

Additionally, I have set some practice work via Purple Mash (angles)

Some useful links:

Finally, test your knowledge on shapes and angles by completing the Assessment.


This week we will look at poetry. I have prepared two tasks for you:  

  • Animal poetry: Think carefully about a photograph of some cute pets. Then read a poem and answer reflective questions. Finally, read a set of poems and make notes about them.
  • Pet poem: Read a poem and, again, answer reflective questions. Revise metaphors and similes and practise creating these for pets.
    Lastly, plan and write a poem about a pet.

Remember to take a clear photo of your work and send it to me to mark. Please write neatly!



  • Do you remember what the requirements of plants for life and growth are? (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow)
  • Try to think why they are so important (Respond and check your answers using Science worksheet)
  • Play the quiz called Top Score Wins.
  • How is water brought to the leaves? (It is taken up by the roots). Let’s check what else plays an important part in transporting the water. Use Stem slides.
  • You can now do an experiment to check how water is transported (moved) through plants by staining some water with food dye. We will need a bottle/vase with coloured water and some white flowers or celery stems (with leaves).
  • you can watch the video of this experiment:

  • Experiment: Half-fill a plastic squash bottle of water and carefully add plenty of food colouring to the water (a concentrated mixture works best). Gently mix the dye into the water by swilling it round. Arrange white flower / celery stems in the bottle. Although your flowers and stems do not have roots, they should still take up water and the dye will help you to see how it moves up the stems. Place the vase in a safe place where you can see it over the coming days.
  • Finally, complete the observation sheet.


We are going to discover different creatures of the rainforest and create a fact file about your favourite or most unusual animal of the Rainforest.

  • First, listen to the video clip Voices in the rainforest.

Can you recognise any of the animals?

  • Look at the slides Animal Fact File and read some of the examples of the Animal Fact Files.
  • Now choose your own animal you will investigate in more detail by watching one of the videos:

  • Using a template create your own Rainforest animal fact file. Search for the information using the internet or books.

Useful websites:


Design your own rainforest animal mask. This can be done either by using the basic template on worksheet and then adding ears, feathers, noses, etc., to alter the shape, or you can design your own from scratch.

  • Go through the slides to learn how to plan your design,
  • Use planning sheets provided.
  • Make your mask
  • Once your mask is ready try to evaluate it. What went well? What are you most happy with? What could you change/improve?

Hope you are going to enjoy this week’s activities. Look forward to hearing from you!

Take care!
Mrs Ryder