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Week 12 w/b 13th July

Hello children!

Last week of term, last week of home learning and last week of year 3!
I promise it won’t be a tiresome week, as I know you have worked so hard this term and you deserve to celebrate your achievements!

I have, however, prepared you some assessments to test your maths and English skills, so you know what to work on next year, what your stronger/weaker points are. You may choose which ones you want to complete (hopefully most of them 😊) and set your goals for the beginning of Year 4.

Mostly, I would like you to have some fun this week. Therefore, I have prepared a grid of fun activities for you to choose from. Most of the activities are linked to websites so you may want to use them online by clicking CTRL and the underlined (blue) hyperlink. I hope you will enjoy them. (If you have any problem accessing the links, I have attached the separate sheet with the listed websites).

Last but not least, I know some of you will be looking for some ideas for the summer activities. I have prepared a range of different tasks (puzzles, colouring pages, arts/crafts, times tables practice etc), should you be bored or the weather forced you to stay indoors…I will not be marking these so don’t feel they are obligatory. I have coded them as ‘FUN’ worksheets.

Finally, I want to express how pleased I am for being your teacher. I have watched you learn, grow and change from day to day. I also learned a lot from you and have fantastic memories of all the moments we shared together this year. You are all very close to my heart and am looking forward to seeing your further achievements!

I am also very grateful for your work, dear Parents. You have done brilliantly helping me teach your children remotely. I am sure it wasn’t always easy. The more reasons to feel super proud of your dedication and patience. You all deserve the Lockdown Legend certificate, so please print them and display them at home!

Have a safe, sunny and superb summer! I hope we will see each other at school (at some point) this September!

Lots of love,

Mrs Ryder


Arithemetic and Reasoning Assessments& Answers


Reading Comprehension Test & Answers

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test & Answers