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Our summer topic ‘Titanic’ was introduced by Ann from Godalming museum who talked to us about our local history study, Godalming hero: Jack Phillips.
We had the opportunity to try on some costumes that could have been worn by representatives of different classes on board the Titanic. We also created small memorials using metal foil and embossing technique to take home copper plated designs of the Titanic for our picture frame around Jack Phillips’ portrait.
To make the day more interesting we were all dressed in the Titanic costumes and were even given a ticket with real names of passengers and crew. It was all very exciting as no one knew whether their character was a survivor or a victim (we only checked it the next day).
In the afternoon, in order to get a taste of what life on board might have been like, we enjoyed afternoon tea with cake, scones with cream and jam and ham, egg and cucumber sandwiches.
In the background we listened to classical music just like the music played by the Titanic’s band and danced waltz to Strauss’ Blue Danube.