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Take Away Tasks

Support your children's physical development by helping them to use a knife and fork independently. As well as encouraging their independence, cutting up their own food helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers and develops the co-ordination, pressure and control needed for writing.

Give your children 3 step instructions to follow e.g. can you put your coat on the peg, put your bag in your bedroom and sit at the table....for a snack after school. Can they do it? Three step instructions can be trickier than you think! The children will have to listen to the end of the instructions, hold the information in their heads, and recall what to do when moving from one room to another. 

Count out objects in purposeful ways - laying the table, buying fruit and vegetables, sharing items fairly.

Allow your child to explore writing in their own way. Praise all mark making attempts and encourage them to give meaning to their own marks. E.g. '/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ ' this says "to mummy I love you!"

Encourage your child to have a go at writing independently. Ask them to listen for the sounds they can hear in the words they want to write and to write the letter sounds they know. Let them see you writing for a purpose - shopping lists, birthday cards, notes to one another. Sound out words out loud as you are writing, as this models what the children need to do.

Read stories together! Lots of stories! Talk about the pictures, point to the words as you read. Discuss the plot and what might happen next. Help your children to love books.

Encourage your child to play both indoors and outdoors; to notice things in the world around them and put  away toys and any equipment they have used when they have finished.

Give your child specific praise for being and for doing: "Lovely waiting for your turn"..."Thank you for putting your books away, that was really helpful"..."What lovely writing, can you read it to me?"..."You are being so kind to mummy today"