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Summer Term 2 Year 6

Week 1 (Week beginning 1st June):

This week, the children in school will not be doing lots of Maths and English work as they will only be in for three school days which will be shorter than usual. The children will be focusing on learning new school routines and reflecting on their lockdown experiences. 


Please follow either the Oak Academy Trust or BBC Bitesize for your day-to-day maths this week.



As a class we will be reading the book 'Can You See Me?' 

If you wish to follow along with this at home, you can purchase a copy on Amazon. This week we will be reading Chapters 1 and 2.  If you wish to complete the reading comprehension linked to this, please see the document below.


You may wish to use the above links for your English as well. In class, we may try to write a newspaper article about our time in lockdown so this maybe something you wish to do at home too, or have a go at the 'Lockdown Writing Proforma' (see below). 

There are also lots of grammar videos on this link:

There is also a word search attached below if you would like to do this. 


We are going to be painting our own pebbles in school. They will have positive messages or positive images on them, such as rainbows. This may be something that you would like to do at home too! 


We are going to be reflecting on our lockdown experiences by creating classroom displays. We will be using the Roller Coaster sheet (see below) to discuss how we feel. You may like to do this at home. 

End of year video:

We are going to begin to think about our end of year/leaver's video (instead of the production). We will let you know some of our ideas when we've had a think about it (and perhaps you could share your ideas too!), but it will involve some of our best/funniest memories of our time at St Mary's, things we are excited about moving on to, what we might like to do for a career in the future etc. This is something you could also begin to think about at home. What are your best memories? etc. We will be learning some new songs and I will let you know what they are when we have definitely decided!