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Spring Term 2015

Spring Term - Growth:

Our topic this term is Growth.  So far we have been learning about human growth and our bodies, and how we can keep healthy.  We started by learning about the five main food groups and the importance of a balanced diet.  One of the best bits was taste testing different fruits before designing, making and evaluating our own healthy snacks - fruit kebabs! They were delicious!

We have also been learning about the human skeleton.  We learnt some of the technical names for some of the bones, and we made skeleton models out of pasta to show the different shape, size and thickness of the bones.








In Literacy, we started the term by learning about information texts, before researching and writing our own about different sports that we are interested in.  We focused on writing in the third person and the present tense, as well as using technical language linked to the sport.  Our reports can be seen on display outside and on the way into our classroom.

More recently, we have been studying myths and legends and have just started writing our own.  We used story mapping to help us to learn the opening passage of ‘The Seal Children’ by Jackie Morris, and then we used this structure to describe the setting of our own legends.  The quality of writing so far has been fantastic!

World Week:

In the week before half-term, Year 3 enjoyed learning about India as part of St. Mary's World Week.  In groups we explored different areas of Indian culture to make posters about Indian art, clothes, food, dancing, animals and India in general.  We also tasted different Indian foods, had a go at creating our own Rangoli patterns and henna, and put together a Bollywood dance routine!


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