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Positive behaviour rewards and awards – house points, Headteacher’s stickers, classroom tidy awards, in class rewards and individual praise are just some of the ways which are used to great effect throughout the school to celebrate and recognise positive behaviour.

Houses and House points

Every child belongs to a House named after the following precious stones - Amber (yellow), Emerald (green), Ruby (red) or Sapphire (blue).

Any adult in the school may award House points for behaviour, effort, achievement and even just ‘trying hard’. Teachers may agree with their class that at times children may nominate another child to receive a House point. The Midday Supervisors will also reward children with House points if they see aspects of good behaviour or friendship during playtimes.

Headteacher’s Stickers

Any child can be awarded a Headteacher’s sticker for any reason – for example, good behaviour, being caring, sharing, putting in extra effort, working hard at school or on their homework, being self-disciplined and tidy etc.

Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly is held the last Friday before half term at 2.15pm on Fridays. This is a chance for the whole school to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements through verbal recognition and the presentation of certificates and badges. Acknowledgement is given to children who have impressed their teachers by demonstrating school values, including perserverance, teamwork, kindness, empathy, friendship, tidiness and a sense of community.

Reach Awards

REACH awards are presented termly by School Governors on the recommendation of class teachers. Each teacher puts forward a recommendation for the award to be presented to a pupil who has consistently shown the qualities required including respect, endeavour, achievement, creativity and happiness, defined as follows:

RESPECT Be kind, helpful and look out for others
ENDEAVOR Always try your very best
ACHIEVE Reach your targets and keep progressing
CREATIVITY Creative thinking, talented artist/music/DT
HAPPINESS Be a ray of sunshine