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Learning themes: 

Spring 1 'Day and Night' and 'Feelings'  

Spring 2 'Traditional Tales' and 'Signs of Spring'

This term we are learning about sequence and pattern - in number, time and stories. We began the new year by writing about our hopes and wishes, for ourselves, for school and for the world. The children have learned the months of the year song and we have been noticing the changes in the seasons.

The  dark winter months prompted us to think about day and night and the children made day and night activity books, sequencing familiar events and using their letter-sounds to write labels and captions. We discussed nocturnal animals and read stories about them. 'Owl Babies' inspired the children to find out more about owls. We made an Owl Information Centre in the role play corner; found interesting facts in non-fiction books and on the computer; listened to and identified different owl calls; and painted some beautiful owlets.

Following on from our class poem 'What is Love?' we have been exploring feelings and emotions. We have been thinking about how we can recognise our feelings and the feelings of others. The children are developing their negotiation skills and using words to resolve disputes and misunderstandings.

The children are making amazing progress in phonics and now know all single letter sounds and quite a few digraphs. They are becoming more confident in using the letters they have learned to segment  words, write short sentences and blend sounds for reading. 

In Maths we are thinking about pattern and sequence, creating repeating patterns with different resources, ordering events in time and sequencing numbers beyond 10. We are exploring addition problems and learning to count on from a given number to find the total of two groups. Over the next half term we will be looking at repeated addition to develop early multiplication skills.

Our new learning topic of Traditional Tales allows the children to gain an understanding of story structure as they sequence events in familiar stories, explore character, voice and story events - important concepts for developing both their reading and writing skills.

As Easter approaches and we move into Spring we will be familiarising ourselves with the world around us, noticing signs of growth and new life. As always, our learning will be linked with stories. When reading  'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'  we will be building bridges; making puppets; ordering objects by size; re-telling and sequencing the story. 'Jack and the Beanstalk' will lead us into growth and change ideas; planting; healthy eating; estimation; and more size comparison.

The medium term plans below show the progression of skills covered in each area of learning. These are adapted to each child's individual learning needs and expectations are tailored accordingly. As we learn through play, alongside adult led activities, we plan lessons following the children's interests, so the activities themselves are subject to change whilst the learning objectives for each term remain the same. We look forward to exploring some surprise learning opportunities with your children.