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Reception - Autumn Term


Welcome to Reception!

This term we will be concentrating on transition and settling the children into school life. Our main focus will be on the Prime Areas of learning: making new relationships and developing a sense of belonging in our new class family; developing fine motor skills and strengthening our muscles ready for writing; becoming more independent and resilient; trying new activities, being confident to ‘have a go’ and ask for help when you need it; becoming familiar with the classroom environment, where to find the resources we need and where to put them away; looking after our things and each other.

Our learning topics in the Autumn term are ‘All About Me’ and ‘Autumn and Celebrations’. We will be celebrating our similarities and differences, thinking about our families, where we live and the people who help us. As we move into Autumn, we will be noticing the changes that occur and learning about some important times of celebration such as birthdays, harvest and Christmas.

Our learning topics allow us to link all areas of the curriculum under one theme. Lots of learning happens in this first term. We will start learning our new letter-sounds in phonics as we begin our journey learning to read and write together. It is very exciting!

You can find the plans and learning objectives for each term on this page. The plans highlight the skills that will be taught rather than specific activities as these are adapted to the children’s needs and interests along the way. We will keep you informed about more specific learning tasks and topics using the class Seesaw app throughout the term.