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Learning themes: 'All About Me' and 'Autumn and Celebrations'

This term is all about making relationships, understanding the rules and expectations and settling into school life. Our class rules are centred around 'being kind, thoughtful and helpful to everyone and everything'. Right from the start we support the children in becoming independent learners by making positive choices and selecting purposeful activities. They learn where things belong in the classroom so that they can find the resources they need and share the responsibility of looking after our environment and our things. 

In line with the whole school theme for the Autumn Term 'Me in My World', our topic for the first half term is 'All About Me'. The children have painted some beautiful self-portraits wearing their new school uniform. We have shared our favourite nursery rhymes and used them in gross and fine motor activities to develop pre-writing skills and letter formation. 

The children are learning the first sets of single letter sounds in phonics. They are learning the sounds we make for each letter and how to write them. They are beginning to use the letters they have learned to segment simple words for writing and blend sounds for reading. 

In Maths we are thinking about what numbers are for, where we see them and how we use them. We are looking at numbers of personal significance such as how old we are, how many people live in our house etc. We explore matching quantity to numerals and representing number in different ways.

During the Autumn term we discover a variety of celebrations appropriate to the time of year. During Harvest we think about people who have less than us, where our food comes from, what it means to share - our things, our time and sharing the work. We make soup together, all taking a turn in peeling, chopping and then eating harvest vegetables. We base other learning around bonfire night; Diwali; birthdays and ultimately Christmas, learning that we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

As we move into the second half of term, we will be thinking about 'People Who Help Us', learning about different occupations and how we can help others. We will have a role-play Police station, fire station and hospital all incorporating opportunities for mark-making and writing the letters we know.

The medium term plans below show the progression of skills covered in each area of learning. These are adapted to each child's individual learning needs and expectations are tailored accordingly. As we learn through play, alongside adult led activities, we plan lessons following the children's interests, so the activities themselves are subject to change whilst the learning objectives for each term remain the same. We look forward to exploring some surprise learning opportunities with your children.

It is an exciting first term and the children are already a joy to have in school. It is a real pleasure to get to know them.