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This term our topic is 'Once Upon A Time' and we will be basing our learning around the theme of traditional tales. Well known, repetitive stories, enable the children to follow text and join in with stories as they develop early reading and writing skills.

The children have learned all their single letter sounds in phonics and are beginning to use them to segment simple words for writing and blend sounds for reading. We will be learning digraphs this term (2 letters, 1 sound e.g. ch, sh, th, oo, ee) and practising writing the sounds we can hear. We will be engaging in lots of activities to develop fine motor control and learn correct letter formation.

In Maths we will be: investigating simple addition and subtraction; using the language 'more' and 'fewer'; exploring measures - length, height and weight; and introducing 3D shapes. 

As we continue to learn through play and plan lessons following the children's interests, we look forward to exploring further surprise learning opportunities with your children too.