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At St Mary's School we would like  parents to be involved in their child's learning as much as they are able. We hope these pages give you ways to support your child in school as well as have a close involvement with the school.

  • SCHOOL PAYMENTS - Online payments for school uniform, school lunches, school trips and also the School Fund.
  • PARENT INVOVEMENT - Parent involvement in a child's education is a key factor for their success. At St. Mary's we encourage parent participation in all aspects of school life.
  • PTA - The Parent and Teachers Association is a great way for parents to come together to work on fundraising for St Mary's School as well as an opportunity to meet other parents within the school. Find out ways of how you can get involved.
  • PARENT VIEWS - We value your input about all aspects of your child's education and experiences at primary school.
  • NEW STARTERS - Whenever your child is joining our school we are committed to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for them.


About St Mary's

St Mary's is an academy within the Good Shepherd Trust, part of the Guildford Diocese. We provide education from Reception (age 4) through to the end of KS2 (age 11).

St Mary’s School aims to offer every opportunity for children to reach their full potential in a secure and nurturing environment. We believe that self-esteem and confidence are the best predictors of future success and we value achievement in all areas of the curriculum...

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