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Leadership Qualities


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”   John Quincy Adams

Anyone can be a leader and the world needs lots more good leaders!   What is leadership?  It is all around you and shows up in many ways.  Leadership is…….

Doing the right thing without being asked or when no one is watching

Helping others in need

Guiding others on the right path

Setting a good example for others and being a good role model

Stand up for others even when it may be the hard thing to do

Leadership is one of the most important skills, you can learn to be the best person you can be and make the world a better place.  The great thing is, you have the opportunity to practice leadership every single day in your home, at school and at sports.  Good leaders are not bossy and loud. They are…..

Good at listening




Strong communicators



In control of themselves

At St. Mary’s we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to lead an initiative or hold a position of responsibility that impacts the school as a whole, so we offer a wide range of leadership roles.  For Year 6 children this is part of their personal development and preparation for secondary school and beyond.  These children are role models, the face of the school and ultimate leaders of our school.  They will have a range of responsibilities around the school.  They will meet with the Head teacher or teacher in charge of area of responsibility regularly to talk about how the school is going, any concerns they have and any suggestions about how to improve the running of our school.

The leadership roles are:

Head boy/girl

Deputy Head boy/ Deputy Head girl

House Captains


Task Force


School Council Representatives

Peer Mediators


Job Profiles:

Head Boy/ Head Girl/ Deputy Head Boy/Deputy Head Girl

This small team have a lot of responsibilities.  They help Mrs Buckley and all of the staff of St. Mary’s School. 

They have meetings with Mrs Buckley where they share any ideas.

They give tours and assist anyone visiting our school.

They represent the school with pride.

They are kind and care about everyone.

They are role models around the school and help to monitor the school ethos.

They are chosen because they have the qualities which demonstrate the values of our school.


House Captains

The House Captains all love sport.

They are really keen to encourage everyone by setting good examples.

They help to organise the House Points notices and any of the House activities that take place each week and during the year – especially Sports.

The Task Force

The Task Force are great organisers.  They are good time keepers and understand technology well. 

They are sensible and helpful.

They prepare the Hall for assemblies – checking seating needs, the sound system, preparing music and words and controlling computers.


The Prefects are extremely sensible and reliable. 

They help to keep the school safe.  One of the jobs they carry out is to patrol areas of the school during breaks.

They also help out with Lost Property and try to find owners for any lost items.

They are kind and try to be really good listeners.


Librarians are sensible and careful pupils who help to make sure the book areas are tidy and special.

They help the school by sorting books and tidying the shelves up regularly.

They liaise regularly with the literacy co-ordinator.

They help everybody who uses the book areas.


School Council Representatives

These pupils are able to speak well in public and are confident, reliable and mature. 

They will be ambassadors for the school especially when they attend off-site meetings to represent St. Mary’s School.

They feedback information both to the pupils and Senior Leadership Team.


Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators all receive training and work on a rota system to support pupils resolve conflict within the school playground using mediation.

They know how people feel and can help them.

They are impartial when pupils fall out.

They are role models around the school and model good behaviour.

They help to sort out problems.

They help people who are sad.

They wear yellow sweatshirts when on duty to be visible to all pupils.

They report back to the Senior Leadership Team regularly.