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Butser Ancient Farm 2018

On Thursday 27th September, we visited Butser Ancient Farm to begin our learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. 

When we arrived at Butser, we were greeted by a lovely lady called Claire who introduced us to the farm’s friendly goats. After this, we were taken to a Neolithic Stone Age house where Claire gave us a fascinating talk about life in the Stone Age as we sat around a real burning fire.  The walls of the house displayed cave paintings showing Stone Age people hunting a large animal.

After the talk, we were taken outside for our first activity where we became archaeologists.  We used a trowel and brush to uncover artefacts which included a wide selection of different animal bones, flint and shells.

Later we were taken to build our own wattle fence.  Sturdy oak posts were built into the ground, and with our partners we had to weave the more flexible hazel branches in and out of the posts before pushing them down to make the fence.  These fences would have been used to keep animals in, and as the base for house walls.

After lunch we learned how to do chalk carving.  We smeared natural green colouring from a leaf onto a larger piece of chalk before using flint as a tool to carve a symbol.  Flint is a very hard and sharp stone which Stone Age people used for many different things including as a tool and as a weapon.

Our final activity of the day was pottery. We used clay just as our ancestors did – straight from the ground! Our pots, or as Stone Age people called them, beakers were then decorated with the symmetrical patterns using sticks and feathers.

Overall we had a great day, and we’re excited to learn more about our topic back at school where we’ll be able to link our learning to our experiences at Butser Ancient Farm.