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NEWS - 24 JANUARY 2019

Next week’s value is Perseverance

“And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.” 2 Thessalonians 3:13

Dear parents/carers

This week’s value is perseverance and we have seen many examples of this in school, as Year 6 pupils grappled with the techniques of proficient cycling, teachers engaged in training with the Guildford Science Learning Partnership and School Leaders attended a twilight session, to consider the benefits of embarking on the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP).

On Thursday, our Year 4 children visited the British Museum to supplement their topic work; they have been learning about Ancient Egypt. No doubt, this was a wonderful opportunity to reinforce all the gory details, inherent in the process of mummification, to preserve the bodies of important individuals and much-loved Kings!

From a personal point of view, I have had the privilege of observing some very exciting lessons this week. I am pleased to report that, yet again, I have witnessed excellent standards of teaching and learning. I will continue to work through this term’s monitoring and evaluation schedule and subject leaders will assist me in assessing the quality of the school’s provision for its pupils. This extends, beyond merely delivering a good lesson in the classroom, to ensuring teachers know their children well and that they are using this knowledge, and the results of their assessments, to inform planning and differentiation of work, to suit the needs of individual pupils.

Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated in school, as well as nationally and globally, on Tuesday 5th February 2019. This year’s slogan is “Together for a better internet”. The day provides us with an opportunity to engage with children about their digital lives; teachers will focus on internet safety and there will be an internet safety assembly during the course of the week. We hope you will also talk to your children at home about having a positive and safe time online. To help you, there are some excellent resources, including conversation starters, factsheets and family pledge cards. These can all be found online at:

We are ‘cranking up’ our focus on all things environmental, by encouraging the children to give more thought to preserving our planet and valuable resources. School Council representatives are currently investigating a project, entitled ‘Eco-bricks’, which encourages children to find a safe and harmless way of reducing plastic waste, by packing plastic bottles with other waste plastic, to create a re-useable building block. If you would like to find out more about this initiative, please visit:

Finally, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Wrap up warm and cosy and take care, if venturing out, on the icy roads.

Have a wonderful weekend!     
Janis Radcliffe

Head teacher




25th Jan @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – Parents/Carers welcome

28th Jan

Clubs week 2

29th Jan

Y6 Haslemere Museum Trip

29th Jan @ 10.15am

Open the Book Assembly

1st Feb @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – Parents/Carers welcome

4th Feb

Clubs week 3

5th Feb

Mufti £1 for Doctors Surgery – come dressed as doctors, nurses or patients

7th Feb @ 6.30pm

Y2 & KS2 Times Tables and Spellings Evening

8th Feb @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – Parents/Carers welcome

11th Feb

Clubs week 4

11th Feb – 15th Feb

Book Fair

14th Feb 6.15pm

Bedtime stories

15th Feb

Book Character Dress Up Day

15th Feb @ 2.15pm

Celebration Assembly – Parents/Carers welcome

18th Feb

Half Term



There will be no Tag Rugby after school club on 11th February.


The weather has been significantly colder this week. Please ensure your child has suitable outdoor PE clothing. If your child is in a club after school, they may need another layer and gloves (with grip) as the temperature drops considerably after 3pm.

Wednesday Football and Multi-Sports Clubs

If you have signed your child up for these clubs, please pay the £15.00 cost for the term online before next week.


Horrible Histories – Awful Egyptians at GLive in Guildford

Year 4 parents may be interested to know that Horrible Histories are bringing their stage show ‘Awful Egyptians’ to GLive in Guildford on Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th February. If you fancy a trip to the theatre, this would be a perfect link to our current topic!

Please see the GLive website for further details 

'Book in a Box’
Book Week Competition 2019
Win vouchers to spend at the Book Fair

The Task:

Decorate a box to represent your favourite book, and fill it with objects that represent different parts of the book.

The Details:

Use a shoebox, cereal box or other similarly sized box for this competition.

Decorate your box to go with the book.  You can draw or make pictures yourself, or use pictures from magazines or the internet.  Be sure to include the title and author of the book on the box, as well as your name and class.

Find objects or pictures related to the book to fill the box.  You could include a note to explain what the object is and why it is an important part of the book.

Return your Book in a Box to school by Thursday 7th February.  Winners will be announced in Celebration Assembly on Friday 8th February.


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