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NEWS - 20 JULY 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week has been spectacular; children have been busily creative and teachers have been tying up loose ends from the term and forward planning for the autumn!

All subject leaders have submitted their action plans for the new academic year, and these will be incorporated into new school development plans over the summer.

The successes of the previous development plans are clearly reflected in the progress that pupils have made. The percentage of pupils achieving age-related expectations at the end of Key Stage 2 as follows:

KS2 Maths 100% (compared to 75% last year)

KS2 Reading 95% (compared to 81% last year)

KS2 Writing 90% (compared to 75% last year)

KS2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling 84% (compared to 69% last year).

At the end of Key Stage 1, the percentage of Year 2 pupils achieving the ‘expected standard and above’ in reading, writing and mathematics was as follows: Reading 83%, (previously 67%), Writing 73% (previously 53%), Mathematics 83% (previously 62%).

The percentage of Reception Class pupils achieving the ‘GLD’ (i.e. a ‘good level of development’, has risen to 70% (this year) compared to 53% (last year).   Well done to all our hard-working children and a big, big thank you to St Mary’s dedicated teaching team, for all that has been achieved this year.

I should like to add my thanks to the administrative team and those working ‘behind the scenes’ at St Mary’s; these quiet and humble individuals maintain the high standards of our school environment, keep children safe and ensure the smooth running of the vital administrative, financial and premise functions of the school.

Finally, my personal, most sincere and heartfelt thanks to my trusted and committed Deputy, Mrs Sheila Buckley, without whom things simply wouldn’t be as they are at St Mary’s! Thank you Mrs Buckley! 

On Monday, Year 6 pupils ran a Talent Show and after-school fund raising event, along the lines of Chiddfest. This was a test of their entrepreneurial skills learned in Biz School and children raised sufficient funds to pay for a party, (with bouncy castle), to take place after school this Thursday.

On Tuesday, Year 6 children led the Leavers’ Service at St Mary’s Church. Thank you to Reverend Sarah and Miss Hannah Pye for helping with the selection of some very lovely bible readings. Together with the children’s own carefully-written prayers and Reverend Sarah’s poignant words of wisdom, this made for a thought-provoking and beautiful service.

Thanks to Mrs Wright, who, on Tuesday afternoon, organised a whole school running event ‘Race for Life’, raising significant sums of money for cancer research charity.  Thanks to the PTA for snacks and refreshments.

On Wednesday, staff held a lunch-time ‘get-together’ in honour of four members of staff who are leaving us at the end of this term. Our very best wishes to Mrs Denyer, Miss Harling, Miss Hughes and Mrs White, who are moving on to pastures new. 

Term ends on Friday, with a final assembly starting at 9.00am, parents are welcome.

On behalf of the staff of St Mary’s School, thank you for all your support throughout this year and for the generous array of beautiful gifts and words of thanks, which are very much appreciated. 

With our very best wishes for a safe and happy summer!

Janis Radcliffe




Reception has had such a fantastic term, packed full of fun learning, it is really hard to pick the highlights! As you have seen, we have been growing sunflowers and have found some budding gardeners in our midst. The children have enjoyed the whole process: from planting to making observations, sketching the plants as they changed; measuring and recording their heights; and waiting eagerly for them to flower – will they make it in time…?!?

We have become ‘Champion Writers’ and the children have all gained in confidence to use their letters and sounds to write independently and with purpose. They have embraced the challenge to write news articles for ‘The Fun Day News’; captions for their pictures and models; and, of course, our class stories.

Over the last few weeks we have transformed into real life pirates. We built a pirate ship and set sail on many an adventure - catching sea creatures for dinner, singing sea shanties, finding treasure and even playing the fiddle. We created a whole class pirate story-board frieze and have truly perfected our pirate cries of “aaaargh!” along the way!

I have had an amazing term with your wonderful children, I am only sad that I wasn’t their teacher for longer. I wish you all the best and thank you for your support and my warm welcome to St Marys. Happy holidays!


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

For the final term, Year 1 has based their learning on ‘The Seaside’ and the pupils have said it’s been their most exciting topic of all. To start the topic they located all their favourite seaside resorts and used Google Maps to identify what was similar and different about each destination. They then looked at why visiting the seaside became a popular past time and they found out it all started with the Victorians and the introduction of the railway. Victorians would travel to the seaside for the day to get some fresh air and walk along the promenade. They also found out women would get changed in bathing machines that would then be rolled into the sea! They also found out from looking at images of Victorian Britain, that Punch and Judy, building sandcastles and donkey rides were popular beach activities. For part of their end of term celebrations, Year 1 are visiting Bognor Regis and taking part in modern day seaside activities like crazy golf. They will also be walking along the promenade like Victorian people did and perhaps even eating an ice cream!

Year 1 has also been working hard in English, using ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ picture book to use as inspiration for learning. In art and design technology they created their own lighthouse picture using different techniques with a paintbrush and also made their own working lighthouses from a kitchen role! In their writing they wrote postcards about Mr. Grinling’s favourite leisure activities wrote recipes for a lunch meal and even invented a better way of transporting the lunch from the cottage to the lighthouse without the seagulls eating it!

It has been a busy and exciting term in Year 1 and the children have worked really hard. Miss Harling, Mrs Wylam and Mrs Rauch are very proud of all that the children have achieved, not just this term, but also this year.


Year 2 was very busy at the start of this term, working hard towards their ‘Have a go’ tests. They all tried their very best and we are very proud of all their super maths, reading and writing. We have also been lucky enough to have Mr Spong visit to teach us all about how to take great photographs; we used the ipads to take photographs around the school for a photography competition. Our topic this term has been Mother Nature and so we decided to get creative and read a story about the Tin Forest. This is about an old man who builds his own forest out of recycling, so we decided to do the same. We learnt about how important it is to save the planet by recycling our rubbish and looking after the environment. We used the recycling to make beautiful butterflies, trees, flowers, tree houses and fish- it was amazing! We learnt some performance poetry about animals and held a class exhibition, where we invited our parents to see all our hard work…

They thought it was brilliant- we hope you agree!


Year 3 have had a brilliant Summer Term learning all about the Titanic.  Artwork, stories, filming, posters, home projects, an experience day, a museum visitor, a school trip to Southampton and a superb class assembly have all really brought this topic to life for the children!

On the Titanic Experience Day, the children came to school dressed up as Titanic passengers, ready to board and set sail.  A visitor from Godalming museum came to talk to them about Jack Phillips and the passengers on board, and they even had afternoon tea whilst listening to music that would have been played by the band on board! 

During their school trip to Southampton Sea City Museum, the children had the opportunity to investigate how many compartments of an ice cube tray they could fill before it sunk, and to use their reasoning skills to decide which passengers they would put into a lifeboat and why. They also studied different artefacts from the time, and used morse code kits to send their own telegrams. 

All of the children’s learning was celebrated in their final class assembly at the end of June, where every child spoke beautifully and demonstrated just how much they have enjoyed their learning!


In the summer term Year 4 were learning about different habitats and concentrating on developing scientific and geographical skills. They have been discovering Chiddingfold's physical and human features, working with OS maps and creating their own maps with symbols and keys to build their knowledge of the United Kingdom and practice their fieldwork skills. The children were also writing and illustrating a brochure about Chiddingfold and learning how to sketch some of Chiddingfold's most impressive views.

The children were also very busy preparing for their residential trip to the Isle of Wight to support their geography work. This enhanced their curriculum through a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities. The residential experience had a tremendous impact on children's social awareness and interaction skills.

Throughout their stay they enjoyed a visit to the zoo, the sweet and the glass factory, Victorian Osborne House and also tried body boarding.

After their return, they were occupied learning the movements for Maypole Dancing that was presented during the Chiddingfold Village Fete.

In the second half of term Year 4 was learning about South America and mainly concentrated on Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. They were studying the journey of the Amazon River, discovering the climate and preparing a weather report for South America.

During the DT classes, children were researching, designing and and finally building Bug hotels using recycled materials. Children then wrote adverts for their creations.

It has been a very busy term but a thoroughly enjoyable one. We can’t quite believe we’ve made it to the end of Year 4 but we have surely learnt a lot!


What a busy year we have had in Year 5! As learners we have travelled back in time to Ancient Greece, up to zero gravity in space, across the world learning about extreme weather and back in time again to focus on important periods in British history. To top off all our incredibly creative and exciting curriculum we have also been lucky enough to visit High Ashurst for a three day adventure challenge where we learnt more about team work and collaboration. We have matured and developed this year, preparing ourselves for our future in Year 6 and beyond! It has been a whirlwind of fun, action, energy and enthusiasm! Well done Year 5 for an amazing year!


What a year it has been for Year 6! We've kept ourselves very busy since September with an exciting yet action-packed curriculum, fun school trips, the SATs tests, Biz School and a fantastic trip to High Ashurst. Year 6 have been working hard since the start of the year to prepare for their SATs tests and before they knew it, BANG! they were upon us! The class acquitted themselves beautifully and worked their socks off during SATs week and it has paid off! They all have results to be very proud of - I know I'm exceptionally proud of everyone.

Once SATs were over it was time to start thinking about the production, and after some wonderful auditions, parts were handed out and we began rehearsals for 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies', an exciting, dramatic, musical comedy. The week leading up the shows was stressful, but it was alright on the night and both production evenings were fantastic. Well done Year 6 on your fabulous performances!

We have also been working hard on the Biz School project, 'Biz Fest 2017'. The Festival was held in the school ground on Monday and was a great success, raising a significant amount of money. The whole class worked really well as a team to pull off a great event and should be commended on their hard work and dedication. Half of the money raised will pay for the end of year treat and the other half will help pay for Biz School next year.

All that's left now is to say goodbye to Year 6 and wish them well as they move on to the next step in their school careers. We wish you all the best and hope that your time at secondary school is as enjoyable as your time has been here. Goodbye and good luck!